Delhi: ‘Chai-Pakora’ amid ordinance controversy, know what advice Ajay Maken gave to Kejriwal?


In the midst of the ongoing ordinance dispute in Delhi, the Congress leader has given the advice of ‘Chai-Pakoda’ to the Chief Minister of Delhi. In fact, Maken wrote in a tweet, “Respectly connect with the officials, talk to them and persuade them for the progress of Delhi. If they are honest, they will definitely work according to your vision. Ajay Maken Said that on the contrary, Arvind Kejriwal called the officials and used harsh words with them. Maken said, “It is important to see that such behavior will only add to the crisis in the city.”

Ajay Maken shared his experience

Ajay Maken recalled the then Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit and said that when he was the Transport Minister of Delhi, the Transport Commissioner was changed without informing him and the then Chief Minister Sheila Dixit. The then Lieutenant Governor had transferred the Transport Commissioner and he did not reverse the decision. Maken said that he was concerned about this as the transfer was done in the midst of the CNG initiative.

Sheila Dikshit advises Maken

Maken said that when he wanted to hold a press conference to bring this matter to the public, Sheila Dikshit stopped him from doing so and said, “Don’t tell anyone about our failed attempt. The authorities should not know that we tried and could not succeed. … If they find out, they might stop taking us seriously.”

Diplomacy with ‘tea and dumplings’

Ajay Maken further said, “Call the new officer. Tell them that the CM is happy with their appointment. Explain the importance of CNG conversion and invite them for tea and pakoras. These officers are not with anyone. Deal with them tactfully.” Ajay Maken said, “The new officer understood the seriousness of the situation. We stood united against many lobbies and got praise from the Supreme Court, even the US government, I say it with pride. We became the first city globally to convert our public transport system to CNG.

Kejriwal should learn from Sheila Dixit’s diplomacy: Maken

Maken further said that her (Sheila Dikshit’s) lessons in leadership and diplomacy continue to guide me, “She taught me to deal efficiently with obstacles, to serve with a clear focus on the welfare of the city. Taught to give pakodas and to stand firm when needed. This is Sheila ji’s legacy.” , a guide to serve the paramount public interest.” I hope the present Chief Minister will pay attention to this visit and learn from it. Talk to the officials with respect, communicate and persuade them for the progress of Delhi. If this honest they will definitely suit your vision

What is the latest controversy?

Let us tell you that once again the Center and the Delhi Government are at loggerheads after the ordinance brought by the Center to maintain its control over the posting and transfer of administrative officers in Delhi.

Struggle on the ordinance of the Center!


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