Surat: Two buses came face to face on BRTS route


Surat Municipal Corporation has started BRTS and CT Bus for public transport. The BRTS route in Surat has been plagued by private vehicles so far and there is a possibility of accidents due to private vehicles plying on the BRTS route. Today, two municipal buses came face to face on the BRTS route maintained by the Municipal Corporation. This video has gone viral on social media and once again the municipal bus service has come under controversy.

Surat Municipal Corporation is running CT-BRTS bus service to provide better public transport service to the people while preserving the environment. About three lakh passengers are traveling daily in CT and BRTS buses of Surat. However, the bus service has been facing controversies due to several issues including accidents and ticketing.

For the past several times, the pollution of private vehicles is increasing in the BRTS route of the municipality. However, till now private vehicles run behind the bus on the BRTS route on the same side on which the bus is plying. But today two municipal buses came face to face on the BRTS route in Piplod area of ​​Surat. The route of BRTS is such that only one bus runs and when two buses come in front of each other, both the buses stop. Some people had downloaded the video about this and made it viral. In this way, the bus service of the municipality has once again come under controversy after the bus came in front of BRTS.


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