5 children died after falling into a river and pit in Bihar; Tragic accidents in 3 districts created hue and cry


Five people died due to drowning in Bihar on Saturday. Weeds have spread because of this isolated incident. There have been accidents in Madhepura, Muzaffarpur and Kishanganj. In Madhepura, two teenage girls died due to drowning while in Kishanganj, 5 friends drowned in Mahananda in which one died. In Muzaffarpur, three students drowned in Budhi Gandak river, in which two died.

Two girls died in Madhepura

Two girls died due to drowning in water on Friday evening in Tembhela panchayat of Goalpada block area of ​​Madhepura. According to the information, 10-year-old girl Golu alias Komal Kumari of Pappu Rishidev, ward number nine resident of Temabhela Panchayat and 11-year-old girl Babli Kumari of Guneshwar Rishidev died due to drowning in water.

The girl who went to wash her feet drowned in a deep pit

People told that while coming from Bahiyar, two girls, Golu alias Komal and Babli, went to wash their feet in the water accumulated in a deep pit on the way. During this, Babli fell into the water due to slipping of her feet. Komal went ahead to save him, even then she went into deep water. The other girls next door started making noise. But by the time people had gathered, both the girls went into deep water. Which became difficult to get out.

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The bodies of both the girls were removed

Both the girls drowned due to excess water in the pit. An attempt was made to remove the dead body by the villagers including the family members, but could not come out. As soon as the information about the incident came, people reached the spot and started trying to get the dead body removed. The dead bodies of both the girls were pulled out of the trap late in the evening on Saturday. The process of sending the dead body to postmortem was completed around 9 to 10 o’clock in the night.

Outcry in both families

Here, due to the death of two girls together, there was hue and cry in both the families and there is silence in the hamlet. Komal Kumari’s mother Renu Devi alias Anju Devi has become delirious, while Babli Kumari’s mother Rekha Devi’s body has become numb. As soon as the dead body reached home from the postmortem on Saturday, there was hue and cry in both the victim’s families.

Accident in Kishanganj, one dead

5 friends drowned in Mahananda in Kishanganj. All five had gone to bathe in Mahananda located in Mahingaon Panchayat of Kishanganj block. Everyone started drowning after going into deep water. When the people present on the spot raised hue and cry, people gathered and the five were taken out. But one of them, Akhtarul Alam, had died.

Three students drowned in Muzaffarpur, two died

In Muzaffarpur, at Dumri Ghat near Hussainpur village of Maidapur, two of the half a dozen students who went to bathe in Budhi Gandak river on Saturday drowned, in which both died. The deceased were identified as Ritesh Kumar and Mohammad Aqib. Both are under 17 years of age.


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