When the girl protested against the abuse, the accused had a small dog, on the complaint the police arrested the victim’s father


Agra. In the Trans-Yamuna area of ​​Agra police station, a young woman found it difficult to protest against the abusive behavior of a neighbor. When the girl opposed the abusing neighbor, she left the pet dog on him. Due to this the clothes of the girl were torn. When the girl complained about this in the police station, the police instead kept her father sitting in the police station overnight. After complaining to senior officials, the girl’s case has been registered in Trans Yamuna.

Dog attack tore clothes, injured

Parul Kant, who lives in Siddharth Nagar Naraich of Thana Trans Yamuna area, told that a person named Shehzad alias Guddu lives in front of her house. He also has a pet dog. On the night of May 10 at 8:30, she came out of the gate and started going towards the market. During this, Shahzad, who was standing outside, misbehaved with him. Said bad words. When Parul Kant opposed this, Shahzad left the dog on her. She ran far enough to escape from the dog. But still the dog attacked him. Torn clothes. She was also injured in the attack.

Case registered on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner of Police

When the family members of the girl protested against this by going to Shahzad, Shahzad threatened to kill them by abusing them. The girl alleged that when she went to the police station Trans Yamuna to seek a police complaint, the police made her father sit in the police station. Wasn’t allowed to go home overnight. After which the girl and her family reached the Deputy Commissioner of Police Nagar with a complaint about the matter. In this case, a case has been registered on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner of Police.


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