What are the obstacles behind unification of South and North Korea?


Despite the fact that this year marks the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Korean War, it is evidently clear that the United States is not yet done of continuing its hegemony by exercising evil influence on the Korean Peninsula by forcing South Korea in remaining as its marionette if not mercenary. One of the key reasons behind Washington’s desperation in continuing tension within the Korean Peninsula is its desire of making tons of cash by almost compelling Japan and South Korea in buying military hardware from the United States by using a significant portion of their national budget and continuing presence of American forces in those country for “strategic gain” against China. As time grows, America has been becoming increasingly nervous at China’s massive economic growth and tremendous advancement in scientific and technological innovations and growth in military capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Although until now, America is boasting of being the world’s largest economy and lone superpower, key policymakers of the country are aware – the reality is just the opposite. The American economy is in the fastest decline, where a huge segment of the population is struggling in coping with massive inflation, economic crises and numerous challenges. Furthermore, terrorism and gun-violence have become alarmingly rampant – where almost every day, there are incidents or armed attacks in the country.

Socio-economic crisis in the United States

According to media reports, following the COVID period, a very large number of American and Western females have been forced into prostitution due to acute economic hardship.

Leading organizations which support sex workers said there has been a substantial rise in women doing sex work for the first time due to being over-represented in sectors hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis.

The English Collective of Prostitutes, a leading campaign group which supports the decriminalization of prostitution, said hundreds of teaching assistants, waitresses, cleaners and beauticians had made inquiries about starting sex work for the first time since the COVID emergency hit.

Meanwhile a study by the organization, shared exclusively with The Independent, found sex workers are unable to feed themselves or their children and are being pushed into destitution and homelessness during the public health crisis.

The survey of 222 female sex workers found almost two-thirds were struggling to afford to eat and were in need of emergency food vouchers, while three in ten were finding it difficult to access benefits from the government.

With the rise in the number of women adopting prostitution as their profession, there is a growing number of gender violence and risk of spread in HIV and STD.

Joe Biden’s mask mandate, unplanned lock-down and numerous policies adopted during the COVID period has further worsened the economic condition of Americans. Meanwhile, Biden’s over-enthusiasm in further lingering the Ukraine war by sending military hardware and cash worth billions of dollars is already causing severe challenges to the country’s economy.

America’s agenda in the Korean Peninsula

On April 28, 2023, when South Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol, paid a state visit to Washington DC, protesters from the US Committee for the Reunification of Korean gathered in Grand Central Station in New York chanting “The US out of Korea now” slogan. Korean demonstrators walked down the streets of the Big Apple in unison with their slogan “Korea is one”.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s state visit to US President Joe Biden in Washington sparked several protests around the city organized by Korean committees such as The New England Korea Peace Campaign, Boston Candlelight Action Committee, and Massachusetts Peace Actions. Moreover, small groups of demonstrators gathered in front of the US embassy in Seoul to protest what they called a “violation of South Korea’s sovereignty”.

According to media reports, the Biden administration has reciprocated Donald Trump’s Korea policy by exerting pressure on South Korea to increase US military presence in the country by at least 400 percent. Meaning, South Korea onwards shall be forced to spend more money in maintaining the increased number of American forces, while it will also be compelled to burn taxpayer’s money towards funding America’s war-mongering agenda targeting China and North Korea – despite the fact, South Korea does not want a repetition of any nightmare like Korean War.

Demonstrators of the Reunification Committee, and many others who joined different rallies, made it very clear on the streets of New York; the military presence of the US in South Korea and its political influence are no longer welcomed. But the Biden administration shall not let South Korea live in peace. Instead, it is putting pressure on Seoul to join the US anti-China bloc and fund America’s agenda against China.

Despite discontent from some sections of the public, the far-right South Korean president does not see it as a threat but as an opportunity to reinforce his ties with Washington. He is trying to solidify his position by obediently listening to Washington’s dictation.

But, if we look into the history, none of these foul attempts of Washington would ultimately succeed. History teaches us that walls and fences that are erected to divide people eventually come down. Whether in Yemen, Vietnam or Germany. Like it or not, solidarity, compassion and the humanity of a shared culture, language and history, which in Korea’s case goes back thousands of years, will eventually overcome temporary division. Sooner or later – Korea shall be ONE.


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