Jharkhand: Once upon a time, Dr. Sufal used to walk 12 km herself to study, today a boarding school has been opened in the village.


Ranchi, Rajesh Jha: Dr. Sufal Ekka is no less than an example for those who accept defeat due to difficulties and curse their fate. Dr. Ekka is the principal of ‘W John Multipurpose Boarding School’ and is running it successfully. He understood the value of education in his childhood, so despite the family’s financial condition not being good and getting married at an early age, he pursued higher education with his stubbornness. However, in this path, she continued to get equal support and encouragement from both her father and husband.

Used to walk 12 kilometers to go to school

Dr. Sufal Ekka was born on November 20, 1960 in a farmer’s family in Khizri Toli Reched village of Angada block of Ranchi district. Dr. Sufal Ekka was born after three sisters. Early education took place in SPG Mission School, Kherwakocha in the village. This school was also about three km away from his house. Throughout the year one had to travel on the path full of forest, river-drain and pebble-stone. After passing the eighth standard, the mother said, now do not want to study further, because the father was paralyzed. He told his mother that whatever is the work of the house, you should tell me a day in advance. I will complete it before going to school or after coming from school. The mother agreed and he was admitted to the high school, but he had to walk 12 kilometers to reach this school. But fulfilling the promise made to his mother, he started commuting on foot everyday. In the summer days or on every Saturday morning, there was school, so we had to leave after getting up in the dark. Then even after being paralyzed, father used to come with me half way before sunrise. Despite being physically helpless, he had a desire that his children should study.

husband supported

After passing matriculation in the year 1978, she got married to Dr. Masih Prakash Ekka in the same year. The boy promised that he would teach Sufal as much as she wanted to study. He got married with this agreement. Got selected in St. Xavier’s College for college studies, but due to family situation, had to enroll in morning college and completed graduation from Marwari College.

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Due to the birth of the elder son, the examination was given in the second year.

Dr. Sufal’s elder son was born before the Inter examination. Due to this there was a loss of one year in studies. Got success by giving the exam in the second year. There were 25 days left for the graduation examination, then the second son was born, but he died after 14 days. After 10 days the annual examination of the graduate was going to be held. Even in this difficult situation, she took the exam and passed with second division. Taking care of the family, he also passed the postgraduate examination. After this, on the advice of her husband, she also did her PhD.

Husband was running the school, continued to contribute

Along with studies, Dr. Sufal also contributed to her husband’s school. He also had to struggle a lot to run the school. After rising and falling nine times, she came back to her village for the tenth time and started running the school stably. At one point the school was closed. Started running school again at another place. In 1990, the land was purchased and the foundation stone was laid for the W John Multipurpose Boarding School. The building was completed in 1996. In 2003 the school got provisional affiliation and in 2016 the school got permanent affiliation from CISCE Board New Delhi. Dr. Sufal Ekka told that many students of the school are working on high positions in the country and abroad. Dr. Ekka said that on 11 April 2021, her husband died of a heart attack. It is now his responsibility to make his dream come true.


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