Jharkhand: Half of the third part of Giridih is dry zone, thousands of population facing water supply crisis


Common Man Issues: More than two thousand population from Tisri Chowk to Chilgili, Kenvatatand, Bhurai Road located at Tisri block headquarters under Giridih district are facing water scarcity. They have to carry water from far off places by bicycle. On the other hand, the problem of water remains in the above villages where the third headquarters is located. Here the grand water tank costing lakhs has become an object of beauty. There is scarcity of water in these places throughout the year, but this problem takes a severe form in summer. The people of the said area bring water from a well located at Jamuniatand. The well is one kilometer away. The people of about two hundred and fifty houses of this area bring water from the same well by cycle.

The tank was built 20 years ago

To solve the water problem in this area, the drinking water and sanitation department had built the tank 20 years ago at a cost of more than Rs 10 lakh. Gross irregularities were done in the construction work of the tank. Due to this the tank leaked. For the supply of water in the third, whenever water was filled in the said tank, the water used to fall. In order to hide the irregularities, the department started supplying water to the third from a tank-shaped well of the Regional Hospital built earlier. Due to the well being on the ground, the water pressure does not remain. Because of this, water does not go to the third half of the said area. Here, a few days ago, about nine big borings were done in the area under the Nal Jal Yojana, but since this area is a completely dry area. Due to this water did not come out.

what do people say

Villager Chahat Kumar says that there is no shortage of water in half of the third part, but in the remaining half there is a water problem for years, but no one is paying attention to it. We bring water from a distance of one kilometer. At the same time, Vinita Devi said that the water crisis has deepened in the third. The people’s representatives here remain ignorant of our problems. Even after getting water supply from the water tank built in the third, their problem remains the same. Take the initiative to solve the problem.

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people depend on a well

Housewife Soni Devi says that there is a well in Jamuniatand from where we quench our thirst. There is a pond in Bhandari Road where people take bath. But, for this people have to go far. There is acute shortage of water for years. Nobody cares about this. At the same time, social worker Prakash Vishwakarma said that there should be a high-level inquiry into the construction work of the water tank built near the third bridge and action should be taken against the culprits. If the said water tank made at the cost of lakhs had not leaked, it would have been very convenient.

Half of the area is in the dry zone: JE

Manikant Kumar, junior engineer of the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation said that half of the third is dry zone. There is also the problem of water in that area. To solve the problem, under the Nal Jal Yojana, instead of three big borings, nine borings were done, but unfortunately water has not come out. Nevertheless, all possible water arrangements will be made for the people of this area. It is said that no provision has yet been made in the department to repair the old water tank, if permission is given to repair the tank, efforts will be made to repair it.


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