Friend only his friend’s dirty picture went viral on social media, know why the friend did this?


A shocking case has come to light from Akbarpur police station area of ​​Nawada district of Bihar. Dirty picture of a village girl by her friend went viral (dirty picture in social media) Done. Police sources say that the accused girl has made her friend’s dirty picture viral on social media by creating a fake ID. On the complaint of the victim girl, the police arrested the accused girl and started investigating the whole matter.

Giving information about the whole matter, Akbarpur police station in-charge Ajay Kumar said that on April 26, a girl had filed an application in the police station and pleaded for justice. In the light of the above information, the police has started the investigation of the whole matter. During investigation, it was found that the girl’s friend, a resident of the village, created more than a dozen fake accounts of her own friend on social media and made her dirty picture viral.

Police say that both the girls are residents of the same village and both were good friends. But for the last few days there was a rift between the two. In order to defame a friend, a friend took a dirty picture of his friend and made it viral. The accused girl has also accepted her crime. After this the police sent him to jail.


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