Wild animals of Palamu Tiger Reserve will get a happy life, Railways made this plan


To provide a comfortable life to the wildlife living in Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) of Jharkhand Indian Railways Has taken a big decision. After the implementation of this scheme, the animals of PTR will be able to roam freely in the forest. For this, it has been decided to shift the 11 kilometer long railway line passing through PTR located in Palamu division. To execute this plan, the Railways is conducting a survey in association with Palamu Tiger Reserve. After the completion of the survey, its DPR will be prepared. Its purpose is to stop the deaths of wildlife from being cut off from trains.

Railway-PTR joint team will conduct survey

Indian Railways and Palamu Tiger Reserve has constituted a joint team for the survey. Kumar Ashish, deputy director of PTR South Division, told that he has suggested 3-4 routes by railway officials. PTR has also suggested a route from its side, in which some improvements are being made. PTR officials are holding regular meetings with Indian Railways officials to ensure uninterrupted movement of wildlife in the forest.

Railway officials instructed to prepare DPR in 3 months

Kumar Ashish told that the survey has already been done by the Indian Railways. But, the Forest Department rejected his proposal. Now the joint team of both the departments is conducting the survey. Together we want to build a consensus on every subject. According to the Indian Express report, the Railways has given its officials 3 months to prepare its DPR. Please inform that the area between Chipadohar to Hehegarha station comes under the core area of ​​PTR. This has to be shifted. The new rail route will increase from 11 km to 14 km.

Every 10 minutes a train passes through Palamu Tiger Reserve

It would be relevant to mention here that at least 200 trains pass through this 11 kilometer long section of the Indian Railways every day. That is, every 10 minutes a train passes through Palamu Tiger Reserve. This railway line is like an invisible wall in the middle of Palamu Tiger Reserve. Due to the frequent movement of trains, a large number of wild animals die after being hit by the train. For the purpose of stopping this, work is going on on the plan to shift the railway line.

28 wild animals including 9 elephants were killed by rail

From the year 1980 to the year 2022, 28 wild animals have died. Apart from 9 elephants, 9 deer, 8 bison, a hyena and a leopard also died after being hit by the train (both passenger and goods train). There has been a long standing demand to shift this railway line. Now the Railways has started work in this direction. PTR officials hope that after the rail line is shifted, the animals will be able to roam freely in the forest.

Work of counting of elephants started in Palamu Tiger Reserve, this thing will be made base in palamu tiger reserve


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