Kathal Movie Review: Kathal, a social satirical genre film, turned out to be an average comedy movie.


Movie – Kathal – A Jackfruit Mystery

Producer – Sikhya Entertainment

Director – Yashovardhan Mishra

Cast – Sanya Malhotra, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Raghubir Yadav, Anant Joshi, Neha Saraf, Bijendra Kalra and others

Platform – Netflix

Rating – Two and a half

Cinema is not only the best medium for our entertainment, but sometimes it shows us a mirror along with teaching us a lot. There is no match for the cinema of the social satirical genre on this aspect. This is the reason that with the trailer launch of Jackfruit, expectations from this film had increased. Special names were also associated with the film. The film is produced by Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga, while the writer Ashok Mishra and the cast includes names like Vijay Raaz, Raghubir Yadav and Rajpal Yadav, but this social satire film has remained a light-hearted comedy film. Which entertains in pieces, but does not force to think anything. Which is the biggest need of any satirical cinema.

The story that started with the theft of jackfruit reaches to the trafficking of girls.

The story of the film begins with MLA (Vijay Raj) stealing two jackfruit from a tree. After which the minister engages the police of the entire department to investigate the jackfruit. Girls are also disappearing one after the other from the same department. Another girl has disappeared, but no one cares about it. Everyone is only worried about getting the jackfruit. Along with the police, the forensic team and the media are also searching for the jackfruit. In such a situation, how Inspector Mahima (Sanya Malhotra) connects the issue of disappearance of girls with the disappearance of jackfruit, so that the administration takes care of those girls as well. This is the further story of the film. Can the missing girl be found? How does it all happen. This is the story ahead.

Script Pros and Cons

The entire treatment of the film is laughable. This is the beauty of this film, and it is also the biggest problem. It has remained a light-hearted film, while this satirical film was expected to make it laugh as well as make you think, but this film has not been able to do that, which is the biggest need of any satirical film. Is. In this story with a runtime of about two hours, an attempt has been made to raise many issues like corruption, caste discrimination, distribution of justice on the basis of economic disparities, media trials, sexism and trafficking of girls.

Great performance by Sanya and Rajpal

Talking about acting, Sanya Malhotra has been seen leaving a mark in her projects one after the other. His hard work is also visible in this film. He has lived the role of the police in a different way. Generally, on the silver screen, women police have been shown like men, but in this case Sanya’s character in this film is different. He is a brave police officer, but also very sensitive. After Sanya, Rajpal Yadav has been remembered in this film as he has appeared in as many scenes. He has left his tremendous mark. Anant Joshi, Neha Saraf, Vijay Raj, Bijendra Kalra and Raghubir Yadav have also done justice to their respective characters.

It was special in other aspects

The dialogues of the film have become good. The use of idioms has been seen in dialogues in a different way. One liners increase the dose of comedy. Talking about the music of the film, it does complete justice to the story and its backdrop. Radhe – Radhe is remembered. The cinematography of the film lends a touch of reality to the story. Madhya Pradesh has been well integrated in the film.


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