The storm caused havoc in Bihar, dozens of trees collapsed, power supply was also disrupted


In Kosi-Seemanchal and East Bihar, a sudden strong storm and storm caused huge devastation late on Wednesday night. The strong wind and storm that lasted for hours uprooted many big trees from the ground and fell them on the road. Even on Thursday morning, there was lightning in some places and it rained with thunderstorms. Many weak and dry trees of all kinds, big or small, also fell. The strong wind blew away the sheets of many houses, thatched roofs etc. and threw them away.

Damage occurred in many districts

Due to the storm, there was a lot of damage in other districts including Banka, Araria, Bhagalpur. There were many old trees which fell victim to this storm. Many electric wires were also damaged and fell down. Many were broken due to tree branches. As a result, power supply has been suspended in most of the urban areas since midnight. In many areas, electricity could not reach even till Thursday evening.

completely destroyed

The Maharudra Yagya, which was to begin on May 21 in the Kamdhenu temple complex of Banka’s Bounsi Nagar Panchayat area, has suffered severe damage due to the storm. Along with the sacrificial hall and the pandal, the idol has also completely collapsed. The huge pandal built for the devotees has also completely collapsed. In Madhepura, Supaul and Kishanganj, due to the collapse of houses, cattle got buried under them and died.

More than two hundred electric poles fell due to storm, power interrupted

The Electricity Department has suffered a loss of more than 15 lakhs due to the storm that hit Madhubani on Wednesday night. Electric poles and wires have been damaged at many places in Madhubani division. Department’s executive engineer Mohd. Armaan has said that 12 poles have been damaged in the district headquarters due to the storm. While in many DTR also got spoiled.

Electricity disrupted in the city due to storm

Due to the storm, the electricity of the emergency feeder was interrupted for two hours. While power supply from Kosi feeder, Mangroni feeder, Ha Y Adda feeder remained interrupted for more than four hours. In Old Feeder, New Feeder also power supply was interrupted for two hours. The executive engineer said that power supply was started in the city at night itself. Due to fault in DTR in many feeders of the city, power supply was disrupted.

Electricity remained disrupted in rural areas even on Thursday

Electricity supply was interrupted on Wednesday night due to the fall of more than two hundred electric poles in Benipatti, Harlakhi, Bisfi, Pandaul, Jaynagar rural areas due to the storm. Electricity supply was started in these areas on Thursday. Executive Athianta has said that the department engaged JCB machine as well as four dozen masons to repair the electric pole and wire. The problem has increased due to the shortage of mechanics with the department. There is a requirement of 100 masons in the division. But only 42 masons are available with the department including manpower. Due to the shortage of masons, there is a problem in the uninterrupted supply of electricity.


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