Girl forced to wear burqa heavily in AMU campus, video of trying to get her off goes viral


Aligarh. A video of a girl in a burqa roaming around the AMU campus has surfaced. The girl has told her name as Komal Kumari. The video of a non-community girl in a burqa is becoming increasingly viral. The girl also told her name and called the young man with whom she was walking as her brother. When people interrupted and stopped, the girl also replied. The video is a few days old. Which has become a topic of discussion after going viral on social media. The girl told that she has a skin problem. Because of which she wears a burqa. The girl also showed her skin related disease.

Skin problem told the reason for wearing burqa

Some people were enraged to see the girl walking with a boy wearing a burqa in the AMU campus. The girl was roaming around the campus wearing a burqa with a young man. Although the AMU administration is engaged in the investigation. The girl told her name as Komal Kumari. After which various things are happening. However, it was told by the Aligarh police that the video is old, which is being investigated. At the same time, law and order is normal in the campus. While answering the questions, Komal Kumari told that both are brother and sister. During this, an attempt was made to remove the burqa from the girl, but when the girl showed the problem of her skin and told that there is itching. However, when the boys stopped, the girl clarified that she was allergic. There are marks on his hands and face. For this reason, she has come out of the house wearing a burqa.

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video viral on social media

Don’t have any more trouble in the sun due to allergies. That’s why the burqa is worn. When the boys asked her name, she told her name as Komal Kumari. Although the incident is said to be 4 to 5 days old. But now this video is going viral on social media. In this case, Station Civil Line in-charge Pravesh Rana said that no complaint has been received regarding the viral video so far. At the same time, investigation is being done taking the video into cognizance. While in AMU PRO office, when information should be given about this video. He also refused to take cognizance of this video. Who is the girl and boy seen in the video. Its address is not yet known. On the other hand, AMU Proctor Professor Wasim Ali told that if any complaint is received then action will be taken. If the aggrieved party comes forward, further action will be taken. He told that the viral video is in his cognizance. But no one has reported about this.

Input- Alok Singh Aligarh


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