Shootout at Noida’s Shiv Nadar University, girl student shot dead, killer student also shot himself


Lucknow: There was a shoot out at Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida, National Capital Region. The dining hall of the university echoed with the sound of gunfire on Thursday afternoon. A student who reached the dining hall with a weapon shot and killed a girl student. After this he also took his own life with the same revolver. Panic spread among fellow students and teachers of the university. Both died on the spot. The student is said to be a resident of Amroha. The student is a resident of Kanpur. After the incident, an atmosphere of terror spread in the university campus. On information, the police also reached the spot. The police took possession of both the bodies and got involved in the investigation.

Girl student found and shot dead in dining hall

According to media reports, Anuj, who was studying in Shiv Nadar University, had a close friendship with a Kanpur resident student. There was a dispute between the two regarding something. On Thursday, a student resident of Kanpur was in the dining hall. Meanwhile, Anuj reached there with a revolver. Shot a girl student studying with him in the chest. As soon as the bullet hit, the student fell on the ground. There was chaos among the students and teachers present there. Everyone hid here and there due to fear. In panic, no one even thought what to do to save the student?

Student killed himself after reaching boys hostel

The student who was injured in the bullet died in a few moments. After shooting the student, student Anuj ran away from there and reached the boys’ hostel. People in the boys’ hostel saw that Anuj, in a fit of rage, held the revolver to his temple and pressed the trigger. Anuj also died in a few moments. Dadri police station has started investigating the incident. Taking the dead bodies of both of them in their possession, their families have been informed.


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