Bihar: Now there will be online application to become a voter in PACS, the presidents will now have to tell the reason for canceling the application


The Cooperative Department has changed the rules for making voters for PACS elections in Bihar. Now there will be no offline application to become a voter. Farmers who want to become voters will now have to apply online. Complete information of voters will be available online. If the PACS president cancels the application of voters who have applied online, then they will have to give the reason for the same. Applications of applicants who apply online without assigning any reason will not be cancelled.

Decision taken in the meeting of Cooperative Minister

In the past, the PACS president used to recommend only his favorite voters to become voters. Used to cancel the applications of disliked voters. For this reason, now this decision has been taken to become a voter in PACS. This decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Cooperation Minister Surendra Yadav. Cooperative Secretary Bandana Preyshi, Registrar Rajesh Meena etc were present in the meeting.

Voters can go to the cooperative court if the application is rejected

Even after the cancellation of the application, now the voters will have the right to go to the cooperative court. Earlier voters did not have this right. If the PACS chairman recommends cancellation of the online application, then the voters can approach the cooperative secretary or cooperative minister’s court. After this the matter will be investigated. If the PACS president is found guilty in the investigation, action will be taken against him.

4.80 lakh electricity connections will be provided free of cost in Bihar, solarization will be done in 1354 dedicated feeders

Order to speed up the investigation of financial irregularities

PACS buildings are being constructed in the districts by the Cooperative Department. Somewhere in this, the construction work has stopped due to land and other disputes. The minister directed to settle the disputes and complete the works at the earliest. Talked about speeding up the investigation of PACS presidents who commit financial irregularities. Along with this, the minister reviewed the purchase of paddy last year.


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