Aligarh: Fire broke out due to short circuit in the postal department’s godown, furniture and documents were gutted, fire brigade brought it under control


Aligarh : The furniture and junk of the postal department were gutted in a fire caused by a short circuit in the postal department’s godown in Aligarh, UP. During this, the flames were seen touching the sky. The employees working in the postal department tried with great difficulty to extinguish the fire with fire extinguisher cylinders. But the cylinders did not prove to be effective.

Its information was given to the fire department by the postal department. The fire was controlled with great effort by the fire department that reached the spot. When the employees were discussed, they informed that there was a fire in the junk building in the postal department. The warehouse caught fire due to a short circuit. No more valuables or government documents were kept in the building. So there is no major loss.

There is no major loss in the accident – ​​Manager of Postal Department

While giving information, MP Singh, manager of the postal department, said that the fire broke out due to short circuit. It was an old ruins type godown. Garbage and junk items were kept in it. Suddenly it caught fire due to short circuit. We were working in the office. When smoke started rising from it, everyone came out. He saw that it was on fire.

The personnel of the department tried to extinguish the fire, but when the fire did not extinguish, the fire department was informed. The people of the fire brigade came on the spot and started extinguishing the fire. He told that there was no major damage due to the fire.

The fire was extinguished with the help of four vehicles – FSO Brajendra Singh

While giving information, the FSO of the Fire Department, Brijendra Singh said that the fire station had received an information that there is an old godown of the postal department, there is a fire in it. Vehicles reached the spot. Started extinguishing the fire. There was a tin shed on top of the godown. Due to which there was a big problem in extinguishing the fire. That’s why the fire was extinguished with the help of four vehicles.

The fire has been completely brought under control. The old godown of the postal department has been told. No valuables were kept in it. The exact cause of the fire has not been ascertained, but it is being told that the fire broke out due to short circuit.

Report- Alok, Aligarh



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