Woman placed online order, cyber thug showed fear of drug smuggling, lakhs of thugs in the name of saving from FIR


Agra. A woman resident of Agra became a victim of cyber fraud. The thug called him posing as a crime branch officer and threatened to register an FIR in a case. The woman got scared because of the threat of registering an FIR on the complaint of drug smuggling. Terrified, she gave lakhs of rupees. After understanding the matter, the woman told the whole thing to the police commissioner. Cyber ​​police is engaged in investigation.

Complaint to police commissioner, cyber cell engaged in investigation

According to the information received, a girl living in New Agra police station area of ​​Agra has complained to the police commissioner of Agra. She says that her husband is a businessman. She used to order goods online. In such a situation, he received a call on 11 April. The caller said that he is speaking from the Mumbai Crime Branch officer. Drugs have been found in the goods you had ordered. The person who was on the call said that a case is being filed against you in this matter. You will be arrested soon.

Got 22 lakh rupees transferred online

The girl said that she was very scared on this matter. He said that there is nothing like this everything is wrong. But the cyber thug who became an officer started blackmailing. Said that if you want, this matter can be resolved by giving money. The girl got ready. And gradually got the girl transferred about 22 lakh rupees online. Even after this, the cyber thug started asking for more money, then the girl got suspicious, she did not give the money after ₹ 22 lakh and complained about the fraud done to her to the police commissioner of Agra. The police commissioner directed the police to investigate the matter and take action.


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