Video: In Patna, people caught a young man taking a girl on a bike, then what happened to him, read here…


People caught the young man while taking the girl on the bike and thrashed him fiercely. This incident took place on Sunday night in Patna Market area of ​​Pirbahor police station. The youth was released after the assault. Even the police do not know where he is now. A video of this beating also went viral on social media, in which people are seen hurling abuses at the youth. This Viral video confirmed Prabhat Khabar does not do.

In Patna, people caught a young man taking a girl on a bike, the video went viral….

— Rajesh Kumar Ojha (@RajeshK_Ojha) May 17, 2023

Here, through the viral video, the police found out the number of the bike of the youth who became a victim of assault. Pirbahor police station chief Sabih-ul-Haq told that the number of the bike on which the young man was found. That number is registered in the name of Chandan Kumar, a resident of Patel Nagar. The police also tried to get information about him in Patel Nagar area and the whole team was engaged in this work on Tuesday.

But no information has been found regarding sandalwood. The police also found a mobile number of his, which is currently switched off. He told that the youth is being searched, but he has not been found. In this case, after meeting the youth, his statement will be recorded and further legal action will be taken accordingly.


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