Jharkhand Weather Forecast: There will be no relief from heat for 10 days, mercury will reach 44 degrees


Jharkhand Weather Forecast : Thunderstorms and rains in West Singhbhum’s Chaibasa on Monday evening provided respite from the scorching heat, but the temperature rose once again from Tuesday. According to the Meteorological Department, for the next 10 days people in Chaibasa will be troubled by the heat. There will be an increase in the maximum and minimum temperature. Chances of rain are less.

Mercury can reach 44 degree Celsius

From May 21 to 23, the maximum temperature may rise to 44 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature will be 26 degree Celsius. The temperature increased due to the strong sunlight on Tuesday morning. Tuesday’s maximum and minimum temperature was 42 and 26 degree Celsius. In such a situation, in most of the areas there was electricity only for one or two hours in a day.

Chaibasa’s expected temperature for the next 10 days

Date : Maximum Temperature (°C) : Minimum (°C)

May 16 : 42 : 26

May 17 : 41 : 27

May 18 : 41 : 27

May 19 : 41 : 26

May 20 : 42 : 26 :

May 21 : 43 : 26

May 22 : 44 : 26

May 23 : 44 : 26

May 24 : 42 : 26

May 25 : 41 : 26

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Villagers troubled by the humidity in Saranda

Here, the people of Saranda region were troubled by the humid heat on Tuesday. The temperature increased from Tuesday morning. People were worried because of the strong sunlight. People are taking different types of measures to avoid the heat. On coming out of the house, the head is covered with cloth or something. Due to increasing heat, the sale of soft drinks, sattu, cucumber, cucumber, ice cream has increased. Due to vacation in private schools, children are enjoying summer camps.


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