Jharkhand: Enos Ekka targets Hemant Sarkar, appeals to the people to replace the Simdega-Kolbira MLA in the next election


Simdega, Ravikant Sahu: Dharna-demonstration was held by Jharkhand Party near Simdega Municipal Council office regarding local problems. Jharkhand Party’s central president cum former minister of Jharkhand Anos Ekka was mainly involved in the protest. Targeting the Hemant government, Enos Ekka said that government officials and employees have become completely unbridled in the state.

There is an outcry for sand in the state

Former minister Enos Ekka said that there is an outcry for sand in the state. Even after three and a half years have passed, the Jharkhand government is not able to auction the sand ghat. Poor people are suffering because of this. At the same time, tractor owners are also very worried. Said that if the sand ghats auction process is not completed soon, Jharkhand party will launch a fierce agitation.

Appeal to change Kolebira and Simdega MLA

He said that whatever development works were done during his tenure, no work of any kind was done by the MLAs of Kolebira and Simdega assembly. It is said that in the assembly elections 2024, the MLAs of both Kolebira and Simdega have to be changed and the working people have to be made MLAs. Said that the people of the village can come to him for the solution of any problem. His door will be open for the villagers for 24 hours. To solve any problems, he will go to the officials of the concerned department and will get the solution done. Apart from road, bridge-culvert, drain transformer, any other kind of problem will be solved.

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Rising above caste politics, Jhapa works for the people

The former minister said that the Jharkhand party works by rising above caste politics. While Congress, JMM and BJP work to get votes by dividing people on caste lines. Said that in Jharkhand party every community and every class of people is respected. The dharna was mainly addressed by party’s Youth District President Sandesh Ekka, Irene Ekka, Ashok Bhagat, Birsa Manjhi, Anita and others. The stage was operated by Oliver Lakda.

Memorandum handed over to SDO

After the protest, a memorandum was handed over in the name of the Sub-Divisional Officer. In which mainly the people affected by wild elephants in the district should be given compensation within 15 days, 24-hour power supply announced by the Jharkhand government, fulfillment of announcements, 15 days to the people of urban and rural areas going through severe drinking water crisis. Within days, there has been a demand to repair all the chapakals, arrange sand ghats in the district and make sand available in an accessible manner, as well as to build a block-level Stroturf stadium in the hockey nursery. It has also been said in the demand letter that if the above demand is not fulfilled within 15 days, then the Jharkhand party will be forced to agitate on the road.


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