Bihar Teacher Restoration: One month’s time will be given to fill the application, 12729 Urdu and 148 Bangla teachers will be appointed


Out of 79943 teachers to be appointed in primary schools of Bihar, 12729 will be teachers of Urdu and 148 of Bangla subjects. While the number of general teachers will be 67066. There will be 32916 teachers for class 9th and 10th and 57602 teachers will be appointed for class 11th and 12th, but it has not yet been clarified that all these will be of general category or they will also have the posts of Urdu and Bangla teachers. The Commission will get the final number of district-wise vacancies in the next one or two days. After that the commission will publish the advertisement in which all the information will be mentioned clearly.

One month will be given to fill the application

After the release of advertisement by Bihar Public Service Commission, candidates will get one month time to fill the application. The application will be taken online only and through that the process of teacher appointment will be conducted on all the 1.70 lakh vacancies. Aadhaar number of the candidates will also be taken along with the application. Those who do not have Aadhaar will have to give biometrics along with their application. The candidate’s Aadhaar or given biometric will be matched at the center. During this, his facial recognition and iris capture will also be done.

Three months time will be given to prepare for the exam.

After the release of the notification, the examinees will be given three months time to prepare and after the 15th of August, the examination will be taken for the appointment of teachers. BPSC has so far received vacancies for three categories of primary, secondary and higher secondary school teachers. That’s why the process of appointment to these posts is being started now. On the appointment of middle school teachers, further consideration will be given to the requisition for them.

Government’s warning to employed teachers of Bihar, action will be taken if they oppose the new rules


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