Munshi Premchand’s Idgah started decorating for his ‘Hamid’, know the connection between Hazrat Baba Mubarak Khan Shaheed and the story


Gorakhpur : A three-day Urs is going to be organized in the district on May 17, 18 and 19 at the 1000-year-old dargah of Hazrat Baba Mubarak Khan Shaheed. A fair has been organized at Idgah since years ago. Lakhs of devotees come here from far flung places. It is a belief of this dargah that any devotee who prays here with a true heart, his wish is fulfilled. Qawwali program in various programs during Urs-e-Pak also attracts everyone. President of Dargah Iqrar Ahmed says that through their elders and dates, they have come to know that the Astana of Hazrat Baba Mubarak Khan Shaheed is 1000 years old. And he had come from Ghazni.

Demand to develop historical heritage as well

Ghazi Masood Syed Salar Rahmatullah Aale was his Khalifa. Munshi Premchand has been closely associated with the Urs held here. This Idgah has been mentioned in Munshi Premchand’s story Idgah. Dargah president Iqrar Ahmed has demanded from the Yogi government that all the religious places are being developed. This historical heritage should also be developed. Memories of Munshi Premchand are associated with this Idgah. Dargah administration and district administration is preparing for Urs. People come here from far off places to offer chadar and to make wishes.

Hazrat Mubarak Shaheed Baba’s dargah is mentioned in the story Idgah

Urs is organized every year at the shrine of Hazrat Mubarak Shaheed Baba at Normal, Gorakhpur. A month-long fair is also held on this occasion. Breaking the wall of religion and religion, people of all religions come to this dargah in Urs which lasts for 3 days. After seeing the fair held in this Idgah, Munshi Premchand wrote the classic composition Idgah. In the same story, Hamid buys tongs for his grandmother instead of buying a toy with the money he got from visiting the fair. So that their hands do not get burnt while making rotis.

Report: Kumar Pradeep


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