Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones: Children using smartphones may have mental problems


Harmful Effects Of Mobile: While the smartphone has made people’s life much easier and with its help, people are getting connected to the world of technology. At the same time, its excessive use also causes harm. Especially if we talk about small children, then by using more smartphones, they can become victims of many diseases. If your child is also glued to the phone all the time, then you need to be alert because this entertainment can eclipse your child’s life for a while. Your child may become mentally and physically ill.

depression problem

Excessive use of mobile can make your child a victim of depression. Along with this, your child can become very irritable and angry. Actually this happens because the person who is saved from excessive use of mobile is not able to contact with the outside world, in such a situation, when an attempt is made to change the habit later, he becomes aggressive, irritable and goes into depression.

lack of brain development

A study has revealed that if children up to 10 years of age use mobile phones for more than 7 hours, then their brain is deeply affected. By sticking to mobile phones for a long time, the outer layer of the children’s brain becomes thinner. There is also a bad effect on the growth of the brain.

dry eye problem

Children spending more time on the smartphone screen can cause dry eyes. Children start wearing glasses at an early age, the number of their eyes increases. It goes not so much, many times it can cause problems like headache and problems like migraine.

Know what the survey report says

America’s NGO Sapien Labs did this study in more than 40 countries. The new global study collected data on 27,969 adults aged 18 to 24 from more than 40 countries. About 4,000 youth of India are involved in this. It was found that women appear more affected. Women were more affected in this. Mental abilities and symptoms were assessed under the Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) under the ‘Age of First Smartphone and Mental Wellbeing Outcome’ study. Under this, the scores were compared to the reported age of first smartphone or tablet ownership among respondents.

There is a clear message for parents in the results of the survey. In this, delay giving smartphone to your child as much as possible. Neuroscientists say that there is more peer pressure on children. In such a situation, pay attention to your child.


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