Gujarat: Had to take loan through online application heavily! Rs 61000 paid for Rs 1800


Nizam Sodha (age 20), a resident of Rupen Bandar in Devbhoomi’s Dwarka district and engaged in fishing business, has lodged a complaint with the police for being a victim of online cyber fraud. In the entire case, a case has been registered against 5 different number holders in Dwarka police station under section 384 of IPC and various sections of IT Act.

In the complaint given to the police by Nizam Sodha in the whole matter, it has been told that my elder brother’s daughter (age 5 years) watches kids videos on YouTube on my mobile. During which many times advertisements for downloading the application also come. My niece downloaded the CreditNow app as soon as she clicked on the ad. Which came to my notice on 9 March 2023. I noticed a few things inside the app. Following the process, I came to know that I can get a loan of Rs.87,000. Meanwhile, my first loan of Rs.3000 was approved. Out of which Rs 1800 was deposited in my account. While it was found that the processing fee of Rs 1200 has been cut.

Five days after the loan was sanctioned, calls started coming from different numbers on the victim’s WhatsApp app number. In the whole case, the victim had also closed the loan. Even after the loan was closed, nude photos were being sent on his mobile from some numbers. Also threatened that if the loan is not repaid, the nude photos will be uploaded on social media. Along with this, it was said to send nude pictures to the relatives and friends of the complainant.

The whole thing scared me that my friends and relatives would talk to me about the nude photos. Due to which a total of 61 thousand rupees were deposited through UPI ID. In this way, the accused have extorted money from me by making my nude pictures viral through social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. along with all the people in my contact list. Because of which I have also closed my WhatsApp app.


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