Bihar Constable Recruitment Exam: Bluetooth device was given to dozens of people at a deserted place, the woman told the surprising secret


During the constable recruitment examination organized by the Central Selection Board in Bihar, the irregularities going on at the examination centers have been revealed. Bluetooth devices installed at three centers in the urban area have revealed the ongoing theft during the examination. First of all, many candidates appearing in the examination were found fitted with Bluetooth devices at two centers of University Police Station area. This information was given to the district police by the superintendents of the examination centres. As soon as this information was received, the Bhagalpur police became active and all the examination centers of the Bhagalpur police district were tightened. In no time, some other centers also came to know about the theft being done by installing Bluetooth devices during the examination. The candidates caught in the said case were handed over to the police stations of the concerned area.

Case registered on the basis of written application

On the basis of the written application of the examination center superintendents, the candidates stealing were arrested by registering a case. Police will present all the caught candidates before the court on Monday. Here, a special team has been formed to investigate the matter and find out the gang involved in the theft. On the instructions of SSP, the team formed under the leadership of City DSP has started investigating the whole matter. According to the information received from the police sources, all the arrested candidates were interrogated till late evening. In this, he has given the name and number of some people, who called all those candidates and provided them with Bluetooth devices and an electronic device. In the case, the matter of taking a huge amount in lieu of theft has also come to the fore.

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A female candidate arrested from Christ Church Girls School

A female candidate was arrested with a Bluetooth device during the investigation at the constable recruitment examination center located at Christ Church Girls High School near the district school of Jogsar police station area. The arrested female candidate is Madhu Kumari, a resident of Jhandapur in Navgachia. In the custody of the women police, she is being interrogated about the gang behind this whole case. According to the information received from police sources, the female candidate has informed the police during interrogation that a day before she and dozens of candidates like her were called to a deserted place. A hefty sum was taken from them and they were provided with an electronic device and a bluetooth device each.

Five arrested from two centers of University police station area

A total of five candidates were caught stealing by using Bluetooth devices at two examination centers located in the University police station area. University Police Station President SI Vivek Jaiswal told that three candidates from the Constable Recruitment Examination Center located at City College have been caught by the examination managers and handed over to the police station. These include Pankaj Kumar, a resident of Navgachia Mahdattapur, Shailendra Kumar, a resident of Katoriya in Rasalpur area and Kundan Goswami, a resident of Kurpat in Sabour. The candidate Pankaj Kumar, who was caught after being handed over to the police, tried to run away by releasing his hand from the police. But he was chased and caught. Two candidates have been arrested with Bluetooth devices from the center located at Urdu Girls High School. The arrested candidates include Rishabh Kumar, a resident of Mayaganj in Barari and Mohit Kumar, a resident of Katra, Gopalpur.

Special team will investigate

City DSP of Bhagalpur Ajay Kumar Chaudhary said that the matter is being investigated by a special team on the direction of the SSP regarding the high-level investigation of the matter. The people behind this whole racket will be identified and their arrest ensured.


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