Atik Ahmed’s close friend Mohd. 22 families in distress due to fraud of Muslim and LDA


Atiq Ahmed: Builder Mohd, who was close to Atiq Ahmed. 22 families living in the Shiva Empire Residency built in Pan Dariba are in trouble due to Muslim forgery. Mo. After giving notice to demolish this illegal apartment built by a Muslim, the LDA officials suppressed the matter. Now after 11 years of that order, the LDA has again sent a notice to demolish the apartment. The notice was given to the residents of Shiva Apartment, but its plot number turned out to be different. Though the LDA officials are saying that this apartment is owned by Mohd. belongs to Muslim. After the murder of Atik Ahmed, Mohd. The LDA has started probing the properties of Muslims. Mo. Muslim’s close friend Amir Ali had built a five-storey apartment in the year 2012 on a 446 square meter plot in Blunt Square contrary to the approved map. The LDA had issued a notice to Aamir Ali on 19 December 2012. LDA officials did not demolish the illegal apartment even after this notice. On July 30, 2013, the then prescribed authority of the LDA, Virendra Pandey, ordered the demolition of the illegal construction within 25 days. LDA has now ordered the demolition of Shiva Empire Residency on the basis of this notice.



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