When the mother was lost, the bullion traders installed a silver idol of the mother in the house, remembering her daily


Agra. No one forgets the mother. Everyone remembers him. In memory of his mother, two bullion traders from Agra have molded her image into a silver statue. This idol of the mother kept in the room makes the whole family realize that the mother is somewhere here. Today, on Mother’s Day, everyone is giving examples of these two sons. How he has kept the unbreakable bond with his mother strong even after her demise. In the second wave of Corona, two bullion businessman sons had lost their mother. A silver idol of the mother’s form has been installed in the house at the same place where their mother used to sit. Both the brothers spend some time daily with their mother’s idol.

Mother died in Corona, idol made of 5 kg silver

Manish Bansal and Rinku Bansal, residents of Sita Nagar Colony in Balkeshwar area of ​​Agra, are bullion businessmen. Both the brothers run the business under the name of Bansal Payal. His mother Lakshmi Devi died on 30 April 2021 in the second wave of Corona. Both the sons loved their mother very much and whenever they came back from their work, they used to spend some time sitting near their mother. After the death of the mother, both the brothers in the family started missing their mother a lot. In such a situation, he ordered a company in Karnataka to make a silver idol of his mother. Manish Bansal and Rinku Bansal tell that the idol of mother (Lakshmi Devi) was ready in about 3 months. About ₹ 500000 lakh was spent in the idol of about 5 kg. The idol came home and now both the brothers have kept that idol at the same place where their mother used to sit.

The statue gives the feeling of being around the mother

Manish Bansal and Rinku Bansal spend time with their mother’s idol every day and remember the moments spent with her. Along with this, both brothers also do daily worship in front of their mother’s idol. He says that even though our mother is not with us, her idol reminds us of her every moment and also makes us feel her presence.


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