Dead body of baby elephant found on the banks of pond in Palamu Tiger Reserve, investigation into cause of death begins


Santosh, Betla. The baby elephant has died in Saidup forest of Palamu Tiger Reserve. The male child of the elephant has died due to the fall. The age of the elephant is said to be about six months. There were deep wound marks on his body. The dead body of the baby elephant was seen near the pond. It is being told that the baby elephant was descending from a height to drink water in a pond. During this he fell and got seriously injured. Later he died there.

On Friday late evening, the forest workers saw the dead body during patrolling. After this the Forest Department team reached there and baby elephants Took the dead body of Later, Dr. Pramod Kumar, Dr. Anil Kerketta and Meera Sinha did the post-mortem of the dead body of the baby elephant. After the postmortem of the dead body was done, it was buried. Dr. Pramod Kumar told that there was a deep injury mark on the elephant’s body. From this it is clear that he had suffered serious injury due to the fall.

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Dr. Kumar clearly said that the baby elephant has not died due to drowning, because there was only about one and a half feet of water in the pond. The viscera (lung, liver, heart, kidney) of the elephant has been preserved and sent to Ranchi Veterinary College for examination. In this regard, Area Director of Palamu Tiger Reserve, Kumar Ashutosh told that under what circumstances the death of the baby elephant has taken place, a complete investigation is being done. Probably the death of the baby elephant has happened due to the fall.


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