RMC’s final notice to Seva Sadan: Reply by June 1, otherwise unilateral order will be passed


Ranchi. Ranchi Municipal Corporation has issued final notice to Nagarmal Modi Sewa Sadan Hospital. The hospital management has been asked to present its case in the Municipal Commissioner’s court by June 1. Otherwise, the Municipal Corporation will pass an order ex parte. In the year 2021, the order to demolish the Sewa Sadan built without a map was given by the then Municipal Commissioner Mukesh Kumar. The hospital management had gone to the High Court against this.

From here the matter was sent to the RRDA Tribunal. Here the hospital management had told that they have the papers. But, the corporation is not listening to us. In view of this, the Tribunal sent the matter back to the Municipal Commissioner’s Court. Here again the hearing of the case started. But, no one appeared on behalf of the hospital management in a single date, nor were the papers presented.

The municipal corporation is proving to be a failure in providing service to the people.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation remains the main focal point of corruption. Even after having a budget of Rs 2800 crore, the Municipal Corporation has proved to be a failure in providing services. The employees and officials working in the Municipal Corporation are themselves taking advantage of the housing scheme. This is a serious matter. Soon a complaint will be made to Urban Development Secretary Vinay Kumar Choubey. State General Secretary of National People’s Party Amar Mahato said these things.

Ranchi: Corporation will collect and recycle waste from homes, campaign will run till June 5

Amar Mahato said that the allotment of flats built in Banhora was to be done by the common people. But, here some corporators have also taken flats. State Working Committee member Aarti Devi said that huge irregularities have been done in the housing scheme. He has demanded the government to pay attention to this. State spokesperson Suman Bada said that the corporation is proving unable to provide water to the people in this summer. In this situation, the corporation should increase the number of tankers. So that, the thirst of the people of the city can be quenched in this summer.


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