Ramgarh-Patratu fourlane road will now be dazzling, know when the work will start


Bhurkunda, Rajkumar Singh. About 27 km long four-lane road from Ramgarh Subhash Chowk to Patratu Dam is going to be shiny very soon at a cost of 15 crores. 40 mm thick layer will be provided on this road. In this, the leveling grouting of the road will also be taken care of. The broken part of the road will also be repaired. Depending on the need, a thicker layer will be applied at some places. This work has been given to Maharashtra Solapur’s company Everest Infrastructure and Developer. The company has been entrusted with the responsibility of polishing a total of five four-lane and six-lane important roads of Jharkhand.

Work will start on Ramgarh-Patratu fourlane

At present, work is going on for 70 km four-lane between Ranchi-Hazaribagh and about 30 km six-lane from Daldali to Rampur in Ranchi Ring Road. For this, the company has set up a material plant at Kuchu in Ormanjhi. As soon as the work on the said road is completed, the work on the Ramgarh-Patratu forelane will be started. As soon as the work of this road is completed, in the next phase, work will start on about 35 km from Patratu Dam gate to Chief Minister’s residence Ranchi.

Work will also be done on about 25 kilometers from Vikas to Daldali.

Along with this, work will also be done on about 25 kilometers from Vikas to Daldali in Ring Road. About 100 crore rupees are being spent to improve the said roads. The company may change the site of the material plant regarding the Ramgarh-Patratu and Patratu-Ranchi roads. The company had also indicated a few days back to set up a material plant in Kurse. In this regard, the company’s engineer Akshay Kumar told that the work on the Ramgarh-Patratu road will be started within two months.

Neither the map is being passed in Ranchi, nor is sand being found! Road-drain, building construction almost stalled

working after nine years

The Ramgarh-Patratu Dam Fourlane was completed in 2014. As a rule, it should have been repaired and pitched every five years. But due to the delay of JARDCL, now the work is going to start after nine years. Due to lack of timely work, the four-lane road has been broken at many places. Because of this accidents often happen.


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