Bihar: Farmer killed in Bhagalpur by calling him on the pretext of feeding him fish and rice


Bhagalpur: Criminals killed farmer Vinay Yadav by strangling him near the Bhanga dam of Mirhatti in Sultanganj. Wife Munni Devi has filed an application in the police station alleging the murder of her husband under a conspiracy. He has named eight people as accused. He has told that the mutual enmity with the accused was already going on. There was reconciliation with the accused people for a few days. The same people have committed the murder by strangulation by taking it into confidence. To hide the murder, a conspiracy has been hatched to cause electrocution by wrapping the electric wire in the body.

Used to return everyday late evening

Father told that Vinay was my only son. After my age, he used to handle the work of farming. Boring was done in the field just a few days before the cultivation was over. A room has been constructed for boring, which is still incomplete. Everyday Vinay used to return home late in the evening after doing Patwan. He did not return home on Friday, so it was waited that he would come till late night. The relatives expressed apprehension that Vinay was having enmity with many people. But there was no apprehension that Vinay would be killed. The place where Vinay was killed and the dead body was kept, the rice made there was tied in a pot.

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had enmity with many people

The relatives have expressed apprehension that Vinay was called to feed fish and rice. On Friday, Vinay had discussed at home that today fish is being prepared in Bahiyar. Will come after eating fish in the evening. Vinay also used to do land business. He had a dispute with many people. The possibility of murder is being expressed regarding the same. Deceased Vinay has three sons and one daughter. After the death of the farmer, there was uproar among the family members. The relatives are in bad condition by crying. On seeing the dead body in the police station premises, the wife and children were fainting while crying out loud. The murder case will be clear only after the police investigation. The police is seriously investigating the matter.



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