A speeding truck entered the house by breaking the wall in Gopalganj, killing the sleeping old man


Gopalganj. An elderly person died after an uncontrolled truck rammed into his roadside house. At the time of the accident, the elderly were sleeping in the room of their house. Meanwhile, the speeding truck went uncontrolled and entered the house built on the side of the road. A woman has also been injured in this accident. Angry people have thrashed the truck driver fiercely due to the incident. The police sent him to the hospital in critical condition. The incident is of Hathua Bada Koiroli village. The deceased has been identified as Chandeshwar Patel, a resident of Koiroli village.

One killed, another injured

It is being told that Chandeshwar Patel was sleeping in his house on Saturday night when a speeding truck broke into the wall and entered the house. Elderly Chandeshwar Patel died on the spot after being hit by the truck, while his daughter Pramila Devi was seriously injured. After this accident, there was panic among the people around. People caught hold of the truck driver and beat him mercilessly. The police reached the spot, rescued the truck driver from the people and took him into custody and sent him to the hospital.

Truck driver’s condition critical

Police said that as soon as the information about the incident was received, the accused truck driver was taken into custody after reaching the spot. People have brutally beaten the accused truck driver. His condition remains critical due to the beating. The truck driver has been identified as Pintu Yadav, who is said to be a resident of Bhojpur. The police have taken the dead body into custody and sent it for postmortem. The matter is being investigated.


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