Sun’s attitude softens in Bihar but the weather will take a turn again, know the weather report regarding the severe heat wave and rain ..


Bihar Weather Update: The weather of Bihar (Bihar ka mausam) is playing hide and seek. The Meteorological Department has recently estimated that a slight effect of seasonal changes can be seen due to storm Mocha and this storm will not be able to show its effect in Bihar, but in some areas it may affect the weather. Light drizzle was expected but the weather remained harsh. However, in many parts, there is a flow of east wind after west, due to which there is some relief from the scorching sun.

easterly wind active

According to media reports, the weather of Bihar is playing hide and seek. The easterly wind is active in the plains and along with this wind coming from the Bay of Bengal, moisture is also coming. Due to this, the situation of scorching sun is not being created. The problem with heat web has been postponed for the time being. According to IMD Patna, the maximum temperature of the capital Patna has gone below 40 degrees.

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Patna weather

According to IMD Patna, within the last 24 hours, the lowest minimum temperature was recorded in Kishanganj, where the temperature was 21.5 degrees. On the other hand, the highest temperature was in Aurangabad, where the maximum temperature was recorded at 40.3 degrees. The sky was clear in Patna today. On the other hand, the sky will be clear for two days from tomorrow, while it can be light after noon. On the other hand, on May 17 and 18, there will be light clouds in the sky.

the weather will turn again

Weather experts say that for three days, east wind will blow in many districts of Bihar including Bhagalpur. During this, a decrease in temperature will be recorded and light drizzle can also occur. For two to three days, the maximum temperature will be lower than the previous days. After that there may be an increase in the temperature. After May 17, the weather may take a turn again. Please inform that Kalvaisakhi is still active in Bihar.

kal vaishakhi active

Kalvaisakhi is active from the last week of April to the first week of June. It is known as the wind that comes from the Bay of Bengal to fill the low pressure in the plains of Bihar. The rain that falls in this helps in shaping and ripening of mangoes, hence this rain is also known as Aamvarsha.


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