Weekly Horoscope (14-20 May 2023): How will be the new week for the natives of Aries to Pisces? Know weekly horoscope


Mesh Weekly Rashifal

Aries: If there is a program to buy a new vehicle or a new flat, then try and get success. An outline of auspicious work will be made in the family. Sweetness will increase in mutual relations. If you are in a job, there will be a chance of getting promoted.

Vrishabh Weekly Rashifal

Taurus: Mental tension, various complications will be faced. There is a possibility of accidental money gain. There is a possibility of confusion regarding extra-marital contact. Be careful from secret enemies, ride the vehicle carefully.

Mithun Weekly Rashifal

Gemini: Will get the happiness of home-land-vehicle. Auspicious auspicious work will be completed. Popularity will be gained in social life. If you are unmarried, then a marriage proposal may come. Will set new goals regarding career and job and will also try to fulfill those goals.

Kark Weekly Rashifal

Cancer: There will be a situation of tension. You will have to face difficulties in making the work related to real estate successful. Will enjoy married life. New investment in business will prove beneficial for the future. New job offer will be received.

Singh Weekly Rashifal

Singh: All the family members will be happy with you. The atmosphere at home and family will be favorable for you. Unmarried people will get marriage proposals. You will get social respect and fame. You will get success in higher education and foreign education.

Kanay Weekly Horoscope

Virgo: There will be success in home-land-vehicle work. Auspicious auspicious work will be completed. Love-relationship can be tied in marriage relationship in future.

Tula weekly Rashifal

Libra: There will be joyful news from relatives. There will be problems due to seasonal diseases. Take care of your health. You will spend quality time with your partner. There will be progress in business due to hard work. Educated unemployed people are likely to get employment.

Vrishchik Weekly Rashifal

Scorpio: Everyone in the family will be happy with you. Take special care of your health. There will be a coincidence to get married. There will be special cooperation from the boss in the job. Honor-fame-prestige will increase. Prize-gift will be received.

Sagittarius Weekly Rashifal

Sagittarius: Manglik work will be done in the family with the help of family members. Material happiness will increase. Will spend quality time with lover. If you want to increase your networking, then you will get success.

Makar Weekly Rashifal

Capricorn: Health will be good. Auspicious work will be completed. Married life will be happy. If you are interested in getting married, luck will support you. The unemployed will get employment opportunity. There is a possibility of transfer-promotion in the job. There will be accidental money gain.

Kumbh Weekly Rashifal

Aquarius: Auspicious auspicious work will be completed in the family. There will be problems regarding the health of elders. Unpleasant events will be achieved. Time is good for the newly married. Sweetness will increase in mutual relations. There is a possibility of accidental money loss. There will be mental tension. There will be hindrance in important work.

Pisces Weekly Rashifal

Pisces: Keep the foreign travel postponed. There will be concern about the health of the parents. The tension regarding small things will go away. You will be able to understand the feelings of your partner. Difficulties will be faced in the completion of pre-planned work. Responsibilities will increase in the job.


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