Surat: Mobile school for literacy of street children


Swami Smriti Vidyamandir, president of Vidyakunj-Vidyadeep Group, will start a mobile school so that the children living on the footpath are not deprived of education. The work will be started after inaugurating the school on May 14. For this, benches and boards have been installed in the bus to create an atmosphere like a school classroom. There will also be a TV for the entertainment of the children.

32 children can study at the same time in the school bus. In the first phase, this bus will ply between Rander and Adajan. By taking the children in the bus, the bus will be taught by parking the bus in the garden, temple premises, school premises or open space where water and washroom facilities are available.

Especially children of 5 to 14 years will be given primary education. Later, if the child wants to study in the school, efforts will be made to get him admitted. Older children will be taught electrical, plumbing and other skills so that they can get employment. For this, a bus has been purchased for 7.50 lakh, out of which 3.25 lakh has been spent on interior, bench, TV, board and 1 lakh. A total of 8.64 lakh has been spent including teacher’s salary, diesel, breakfast etc.

Could not go to birth centenary so started this service

Vidyakunj School’s trustee Mahesh Patel said that when we could not go to serve on the birth centenary festival of Pramukh Swami Maharaj in Ahmedabad. So we started the service by giving kits to those families living on the footpath in Surat. During this service work, the idea of ​​giving alphabet knowledge to the children living on the footpath came and started a mobile bus school which will start from 14th May.


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