UP News: Khelo India University Games will be a zero waste event, special cleaning squads will be deployed near Ramgarhtal


Gorakhpur: Participating players in Khelo India University Games will also see ‘Clean Gorakhpur-Beautiful Gorakhpur’. An action plan has been prepared to organize the rowing competition to be held in Ramgarhtal, to be hosted by Gorakhpur, as a ‘Zero Waste Event’. To ensure that there is no dirt in and around the competition venue, the Municipal Corporation has special arrangements for sweepers on a 24×7 pattern. Will deploy squad. Rowing competition will be held in Ramgarhtal from May 27 to 31. On the initiative of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, many departments have been given the responsibility to make this event unforgettable. Along with the competition, the city should also be branded, for this the cleanliness and beauty of the city There will be a special focus on it. The Municipal Corporation will be responsible for cleanliness and other civic facilities in the entire event.

Cleaning of movable toilet will also be done continuously.

The Municipal Corporation will deploy a special sanitation squad in the surrounding area including the venue. Along with this, arrangements for temporary toilets (female and male), movable toilets and drinking water will be made by the corporation. Sufficient number of sweepers will be put on duty for cleaning temporary and movable toilets. Municipal Commissioner Gaurav Singh Sogarwal said that it is an achievement for Gorakhpur to host the rowing competition under the Khelo India University Games. According to the intention of the Chief Minister, the Municipal Corporation is already engaged in realizing the mantra of ‘Clean Gorakhpur-Beautiful Gorakhpur’. In view of this, the Municipal Corporation will conduct the rowing competition like a zero waste event.

Round the clock duty will be required to maintain order

In order to make the venue look clean and beautiful continuously, there will be continuous cleaning for this. Special cleaning squad will be formed for round o clock duty. People will also be made aware not to spread filth and sufficient number of dustbins will be kept. On behalf of the Gorakhpur administration, 190 rooms will be booked in the hotels of the city for the participating players and team staff in the rowing competition. The administration is preparing to grand the rowing competition to be held for the first time in Ramgarhtal of Gorakhpur. So that after this the series of water sports competitions will start here.

expect a large audience

A large number of spectators are expected to attend the rowing competition to be held for the first time in Gorakhpur’s Ramgarhtal during the meeting. In view of which the administration is engaged in its arrangement. One lane on the Ramgarhtal road will be kept reserved during the competition period so that there is no inconvenience to the spectators in observing the competition. There will be no vehicular traffic on this lane, only spectators will be present.

Report – Kumar Pradeep


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