Aligarh: The credibility of BJP’s veteran leaders is at stake, eyes are on the victory and defeat of the mayor candidate


Aligarh: BJP mayoral candidate has lost to Bahujan Samaj Party in 2017. But in the mayoral election in 2023, the prestige of veteran BJP leaders is at stake. If the BJP candidate is defeated, then the stature of veteran leaders may decrease. Although there is also an election for the Lok Sabha in 2024. On which the leaders of the state are keeping an eye. In the municipal elections, 1 yard leaders along with the BJP candidate tried their best. But due to low turnout, questions have started to arise.

Congress fielded Brahmin candidate in Aligarh

Along with the Aligarh mayor seat, a lot of significance will be drawn regarding the victory and defeat of the BJP candidate in 17 civic bodies. This time the voting percentage has dropped in the mayoral election. In 2017, 49.53 percent voting took place. But this time only 45.25 percent voting took place. In the last mayoral election, Mohammad Furkan of Bahujan Samaj Party had won. Like the last mayoral election, this time also the equation of the candidates is looking the same. SP and BSP candidates have fielded Muslim candidates, while Congress has fielded Brahmin candidates. Aam Aadmi Party contested the elections to Lodhi Samaj.

The voting percentage was better in rural areas than in the cities. The credibility of veteran leaders of BJP is at stake in every civic body. The mayor’s seat in Aligarh Municipal Corporation has become a sore point for the BJP. In 2017, Vijay Rath of BJP was stopped by Mohammad Furkan of Bahujan Samaj Party. This time in the mayoral election, the BJP candidate gave full strength. In support of the BJP candidate, the Chief Minister and the same Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya, Minister of Yogi government Aseem Arun, former cabinet minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi reached Aligarh as star campaigners. But the voting percentage that came after voting on Thursday. Due to this the worries of BJP have increased. Defeat and victory on the Aligarh mayor seat will mean a lot to the BJP.

UP civic elections: After the mayoral election in Aligarh, market of speculation heats up, triangular contest between BJP, SP, BSP

The role of BJP MP from Aligarh Satish Gautam, Hathras MP Rajveer Diler, Etah MP Rajveer Singh Raju Bhaiya, Atrauli MLA and Basic Education Minister Sandeep Singh, Khair MLA and Revenue Minister Anoop Pradhan was important in the election of mayor and municipality.

Important role of BJP in Aligarh body elections

Along with this, Kol MLA Anil Parashar, Aligarh City MLA Mukt Raja, Chharra MLA Ravindra Pal Singh, Barauli MLA Thakur Jaiveer Singh, Iglas MLA Rajkumar Sahyog, Barauli MLA Thakur Jaiveer Singh, Chharra MLA Ravindra Pal Singh, Teacher MLC Manvendra Pratap Singh, MLC Rishi Pal Singh and recently nominated MLC Dr. Tariq Mansoor played an important role for BJP in Aligarh civic elections.

Result will come on 13th

If seen in this way, the team of three MPs, two ministers, seven BJP MLAs, three MLCs were seen in the election campaign to get votes for BJP. On 13th, the result of the hard work of these veteran leaders of BJP will be revealed. Along with this, the political scenario ahead of these veteran leaders will also be seen. After the victory or defeat of BJP’s mayor candidate, the future of BJP’s political leaders will also be decided.



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