Why ‘The Kerala Story’ deserves Oscar awards?


‘The Kerala Story’ a film by Sudipto Sen and produced by distinguished filmmaker Vipul Amrutlal Shah has already generated massive uproar within the Islamists and jihadists in India and the world as it has exposed notoriety of radical Muslims who are luring females into the traps of ‘love jihad’ and finally hypnotizing or forcing them towards jihad. Although Islamists and so-called secularists are branding this film as mere propaganda stuff, in reality such incidents have happened in the past and still happening, where innocent young girls sneak away from their homes and join terrorist groups such as Islamic State (ISIS) thus finally ending up as sex slaves. These unfortunate females get trapped and are being impregnated by jihadist monsters. It is happening in India and other countries – including the Western nations. Shamima Begum, the infamous ISIS bride is just one such example. As this film has boldly exposed the jihadist activities – this certainly deserves Oscar awards, as such an award shall open the prospect for this movie to catch the attention of a larger segment of audiences throughout the world, which will play an important role in alerting every young girl from falling victims of jihadist conglomerates.

Unfortunately, in order to appease Muslims in India who form a solid voting block and side and associate their religion with the tragedy, some states ban it. Loss of millions of non-Muslims – Hindu and Christian lives does not matter to these politicians. They totally ignore the plight of these people, particularly if they are Hindus. That is why for many Hindus Narendra Modi’s party is a great respite.

Muslims, anti-Modi bloc and HINOs in India are vehemently opposing this film and demanding a countrywide ban despite the fact, this movie is based on the story of Islamic State preying on young girls and luring them towards jihadist notoriety. This movie shows – how Islamists and jihadists manipulate innocent girls. The same segment of people had earlier opposed another film titled ‘The Kashmir File’, which is based on the prolific story of Kashmiri Hindu pundits who were massacred by Muslims.

‘The Kerala Story’ follows the travails of three females from the southern Indian state of Kerala who are abducted and recruited by ISIS in Syria. The modestly budgeted film released on May 5 to poor critical reviews, but is emerging as a major box office success, having grossed US$5.6 million to date.

The film claims that some 32,000 women from Kerala had been abducted and recruited by the Islamic State (ISIS). This film has been banned in West Bengal in India on the orders of Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister, who is known for her extreme bias towards Islamists and jihadists. Following this ban. The Producers Guild of India in a statement said: “The Producers Guild of India is distressed by, and would like to record its strong objection to, state-enforced bans on ‘The Kerala Story’. As emphasized by us on several occasions in the past, film releases are regulated by CBFC [Central Board of Film Certification] and any film that complies with this statutory requirement should face no further hurdles in having the paying public decide on its fate”.

“Of course, the audience can choose to watch or ignore any film but that is a choice that should be theirs to make, not one that is imposed on them by any party other than CBFC. We call upon all the relevant authorities to urgently address this all-too-frequent phenomenon of films being denied their right to unfettered, nation-wide exhibition despite having duly complied with regulatory requirements”, the Guild added.

It may be mentioned here that Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kerala are so-called opposition states, with governments with different political leanings from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). BJP-led governments in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have encouraged the film by waiving local film taxes, thus making tickets significantly cheaper.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at an election rally in Karnataka last week: “The movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is trying to expose the consequences of terrorism in a society, especially in a state like Kerala which is beautiful land of hardworking and talented people. The Congress party is now trying to ban the film and support the terror elements”.


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