Ashoka factory fire: relatives of the deceased block the highway, FIR lodged against the management


Bareilly : A massive fire broke out in the Ashoka Foam Factory on Wednesday night in Jade village located on the Lucknow Highway in Faridpur, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. In this, 4 laborers were burnt alive, while 6 laborers were scorched. Angered by this, the relatives of the deceased blocked the Bareilly-Lucknow highway on Thursday afternoon. There was a long jam of vehicles on the highway. Police reached the spot in no time. The police tried to convince the people. But, the women sitting on the highway were not ready to accept.

Along with this, a tractor-trolley was made to stand in the middle. She was demanding to call the officers along with action on the factory management. After this the police explained, then people became calm. The relatives of the deceased accused the factory management of setting the factory on fire for the insurance amount. Said, the cylinder of the machine was very old.

It was told many times to change it, but it was not changed. On the demand of the victims, on behalf of the deceased Arvind Mishra’s brother Pramod Mishra, the police have filed a report of culpable homicide not amounting to murder on factory owner Neeraj Goyal, Ashok Goyal, manager Ajay Saxena and five others. After the report was filed, people calmed down, then the traffic jam could open.

Ashoka Foam Factory had 50 laborers at the time of the blast

Foam for mattress is made in Ashoka factory. There are 5 factories here. A sudden fire broke out in the factory on Wednesday night. This caused a sharp explosion in the machine. During that time about 50 laborers are being told in the factory. With great speed the flames started rising towards the sky. Seeing this, the villagers informed the police. Fire brigade vehicles were sent from Bareilly, Parsakheda, Faridpur on the information of fire. Fire brigade vehicles are trying to extinguish the fire. DM and SSP had reached on the information of the incident.

He died during the accident

Till late night 4 dead bodies were found in the factory. In this, laborer Rakesh Kumar (34 years), resident of Kesarpura village of Faridpur, Arvind (28 years), resident of Harharpur have been mentioned. Apart from this, two more bodies have been found. But, it is scorched by the fire. It is difficult to identify them, but the relatives have told the third dead body to be that of Anoop of Faridpur. Along with this, 6 laborers including Ravi, Bablu, Hansraj got scorched. He has been admitted for treatment.

This is how the fire broke out in the factory

There was a fire in a part of the Ashoka Foam Factory. After that there was a loud explosion in the machine. Shortly after this, the structure of the iron angle collapsed and fell down. It is in this that the matter of the laborers being suppressed is coming to the fore. After the angle structure collapsed, the laborers shouted loudly to save their lives.

However, due to the strong flames, no one entered to save. It has come to light that there are 50 laborers in the factory. But, till late night 4 dead bodies have been found. Out of this, 3 have been identified. Even before this, the factory has caught fire many times. In this, MVA student Dharmendra, resident of Suktia Sangwari village of Faridpur area, was also killed.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly



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