Cop killer Arav Khan convicted by Dhaka court


Absconding criminal, Robiul Islam alias Arav Khan, who fled Bangladesh and succeeded in entering Dubai with an Indian passport has been handed down 10-year prison term in an arms case filed eight years ago while he also faces several criminal cases in Bangladesh, including a murder case.

According to Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), Judge Murshid Ahmed of Dhaka Additional Metropolitan Sessions Court-6 pronounced the verdict trying Arav in absentia, which also fined him BDT 10,000. The judge said, in default, the convict will have to languish another three months in jail.

According to the case statement, on January 28, 2015, Arav was arrested in front of his in-law’s house in Moghbazar area in the capital with a loaded revolver.

He reportedly extorted a hefty sum of money from his father-in law Sekandar Ali.

Sujan Kumar Kundu, the then Sub Inspector of Vehicle Theft Prevention team of DB police, filed the arms case against him with Ramna Thana.

Charge sheet was pressed against him on March 1, 2015.

However, Arav Khan absconded, soon after securing bail on March 14, 2018.

On October 24, 2018, the court issued an arrest warrant against him.

On the night of March 23 this year, his name was found on the red notice list on the Interpol website.

Arav Khan reappears on Facebook

After remaining absent from Facebook for more than a month, Arav Khan resurfaced on his Facebook wall and claimed that he was asked by the Interpol authorities in Dubai to appear for interrogation.

In the same live video on Facebook, Arav Khan claimed to have been held at the “Interpol Jail” in Dubai for more than a month. He said, the Interpol Prison in Dubai is housing 58 “mafias” and dangerous criminals with whom he had established friendship during his stay. Arav Khan also said, his name has been removed from the Interpol list prior to his release from the “Interpol Jail” in Dubai. In the video, he once again made extremely offensive remarks against journalists.

In another live video which has also been posted on Arav Khan’s Facebook wall, it is seen that this convicted criminal is meeting expatriate Bangladeshi nationals in a camp in Dubai.

Arav Khan in his first video following his release from “Interpol Jail” in Dubai claimed, Interpol has thoroughly investigated allegations brought against him and then released him as they did not find anything wrong. He also claimed that Interpol has removed his name from its ‘Red Notice’ list from the website and Dubai it won’t extradite him to Bangladesh.

Arav Khan’s connections with Russian gold trafficking racket

Prior to his “arrest” fake Indian national Arav Khan, an alias of Rabiul Islam, Rabiul, Apan, Sohag, Redoy and Hride confessed in an interview to a YouTube channel stating he has been selling hundreds of thousands of kilograms of gold bars as a middle man in Dubai. Arav Khan said he first met a “Russian” in Switzerland who was willing to sell several hundred kilograms of gold bars there. As Arav Khan proposed the Russian gold bars seller to sell gold bars in Dubai at a better price, onwards Russians have been bringing-in hundreds of kilograms of gold bars to Dubai which is being sold through Arav Khan as a middle man.

It may be mentioned here that, as per existing rule of Dubai, any individual can carry gold ornaments not exceeding 100 grams, meaning anyone bringing-in hundreds of kilograms of gold to Dubai is illegal. Moreover, as per statement of Arav Khan, he has been making tons of cash through brokering sale of hundreds of kilograms of gold for the last one year – meaning since war in Ukraine began and series of sanctions were imposed on Russian nationals. Arav Khan also confessed that he has been dealing in cryptocurrency in Dubai, which is also assumed to be originally owned by Russian nationals.

As Arav Khan cannot speak in English or does not know Russian language, it is a grand mystery as to how he met any Russian gold seller in Switzerland and how did he communicate with them. Arav Khan’s claims of dealing in hundreds of kilograms of gold in Dubai on behalf of Russian sellers prove – someone is behind this man, who is capable of speaking in English and other foreign languages. Or Arav Khan may be working for the underworld gang run by notorious terror don Dawood Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, during the interview with the YouTube channel, Arav Khan showed his posh duplex house at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where a seller with reportedly one thousand kilograms of gold came to meet him. A black SUV was seen waiting for Arav Khan at the car porch, which possibly is owned by the gold bar seller who came to sell gold bars through Arav Khan.

It may be mentioned here that the YouTube channel which has interviewed Arav Khan is owned by a female named Pricila. As per Facebook page of Pricila, she claims to be “Author, Filmmaker, Social activist, US President edu award winner, Founder of a non profit org”. Her website has been suspended for unknown reasons. Arav Khan during the interview with Pricila said she has been his friend for many years.

According to the aforesaid video statement of Arav Khan, it is proved that he has connections with transnational gold bars selling rackets, Dubai Police, UAE authorities, and law enforcement agencies in the country cannot investigate the matter. Moreover, as Arav Khan has openly confessed to selling gold bars of Russian nationals and also dealing in cryptocurrency, it is important for the US authorities to immediately investigate the matter. We suspect Arav Khan may have been running gold and cryptocurrency business with cash provided by Russian nationals, including those sanctioned by the United States and Western countries.

Who is Arav Khan?

Arav Khan hold an Indian passport number U-4985389. According to our reporters, on February 23, 2020 Arav Khan married an Indian female named Sajema Nasrin, where he mentioned his name as Arav Khan. According to the marriage certificate, Arav Khan’s father’s name is Zakir Khan and they are residents of the Kandanpopur area in Narendrapur in Kolkata.

Immediately after marrying Sajema Nasrin, Arav Khan managed an Indian passport and flew to Dubai in 2021 and opened a company jointly with a Dubai local. In the Indian passport, which was issued from Kolkata on July 28, 2020, Rabiul’s name is mentioned as Arav Khan, son of Jakir Khan and Rehana Bibi Khan. The spouse’s name is mentioned as Sajeema Nasrin.

As per the Indian passport, Arav was born on July 31, 1993 at Nerendrapur, West Bengal. The passport will expire on July 27, 2030.

Following publication of reports in Blitz, Arav Khan came on Facebook LIVE and claimed that he holds US green card and Canadian passport. He also admitted that he hails from Gopalganj district in Bangladesh, meaning his claim as being born in Nerendrapur, West Bengal in India is false. Indian authorities can now revoke his passport and notify Dubai authorities how this fugitive cop killer has dodged the authorities concerned in India and managed an Indian passport with false information. Meanwhile, the US and Canadian authorities can now investigate if this criminal really has obtained an American green card and Canadian citizenship.

Arav Khan is the son of Matiur Rahman Mollah of Ashutia village of Kotalipara upazila under Gopalganj district in Bangladesh.

According to his Facebook ID, Arav Khan claims to be hailing from Salt Lake City in Kolkata in India and currently living in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

On his Facebook ID, this fugitive cop killer “Arav Khan” also claims to have studied at Kings College at the University of London and is the owner of ‘Apon Group of Industries’ and ‘Times of Bangladesh’ and also Chief Executive Officer at Arav Jewelers in Dubai. It may be mentioned here that, ‘Times of Bangladesh’ is an anti-government YouTube channel.

The case of this notorious cop killer came into the attention of the media when he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for the inauguration of ‘Arav Jewellers’ in Dubai’s Gold Souk. Address of this jewelry store is: Shop 16, Building 5, Hind Plaza, New Gold Souk, Dubai, Phone +971-501-786-016.

Back in 2018, immediately after murdering Inspector Mamun Emran Khan of Bangladesh Police’s Special Branch, Rabiul Islam fled to India through Comilla-Tripura border and took shelter in a slum area at Narendrapur – next to Kolkata. Since then he is absconding.

While in India, Rabiul changed his name and became Arav Khan and his wife Sajema Nasreen (real named of Arav Khan’s wife is Suraiya Akhtar Keya, an accused in the police inspector murder case) were staying in a rented house belonging to one Zakir Khan next to the Uday Sangh Club, thus hiding real identity.

Arav Khan quickly started behaving as son of Zakir Khan and his wife Rehana Bibi Khan, although they were the owner of the house where he was living with his wife. After some months, Arav stole the Indian Aadhaar cards of Zakir Khan and Rehana Bibi Khan and succeeded in getting Indian passports for him and his wife Sajema Nasreen with false identities. In the passport, Arav Khan’s address is stated as Kandarpur, Uday Sangh Club, Rajpur-Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata-700084. Immediately after getting Indian passports, the couple left India for Dubai.

Zakir Khan, who Arav identified as his father, died of a heart attack a couple of years ago. Zakir’s wife Rehana Bibi Khan told reporters, “Arav came as a tenant five years ago. We rented the house for a year, then they suddenly moved to Dubai. We had the same relationship with Arav Khan that a tenant has with the landlord. However, Arav did not mix much with the people of the area. He did not go out much”.


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