Nancy Pelosi continues massively spending on private jets


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like most other Democrats, claims to be a champion of the Earth and extremely conscientious about the environment, but — like many of them — her actions belie her words.

“California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has continued her jet-setting ways despite relinquishing her leadership post and pushing for aggressive climate policies, according to a Fox News Digital review of campaign finance records”.

According to her filings, her campaign spent US$43,663.80 on private jet travel with Advanced Aviation in March, making her the largest spender on private jets in the first quarter of 2023.

Pelosi has a history of using charter aircraft, and her filings show that she has spent almost US$700,000 in recent years, mainly with her preferred company, Advanced Aviation, Fox News noted further.

The flight company is headquartered in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, and provides a range of aircraft for charter, including eight-seater turboprop jets for trips of up to three hours and 18-seater ultra-long-range jets.

The company’s long-range jets are equipped with a “comprehensive list of on-board amenities and sophisticated finishes”, and include a flight attendant for travel times of up to 16 hours, as detailed on its website.

During her time in Democratic leadership, Pelosi spent a significant amount of money on private jets. In fact, during the 2022 election cycle, her campaign spent a total of $349,563 on charter aircraft, which included US$51,389 for in-kind travel to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Fox News added:

Pelosi’s campaign primarily directed the payments to Advanced Aviation. It also hired Los Angeles-based Clay Lacy Aviation on at least one occasion.

The former House leader began doling out cash to Advanced Aviation in October 2020 and has since moved $659,169 from her campaign’s coffers into private jets, a review of her filings shows.

Pelosi’s frequent use of private jets has drawn criticism, given her public stance on climate change. She has been a vocal advocate for reducing carbon pollution and transitioning away from fossil fuels. After leading a congressional delegation to a United Nations climate summit in Egypt last year, she stated that “Nothing can deter House Democrats from our urgent mission to save the planet”.

In recent years, other left-leaning committees have also spent a significant amount of money on private jet travel. The Democratic National Committee spent US$337,903 on flights, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent US$223,929 during the midterm elections.

“Private jet travel is by far the most carbon-intensive mode of transportation. It emits 10 times more carbon than commercial planes and 50 times more carbon than trains, according to a 2021 report from the group Transport & Environment”, Fox News added.

In January, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher, a noted liberal, called out Democrats and others on the left — including himself — for screaming about climate change but flying private.

“My name is Bill, and I fly private”, Maher said to laughs. “And so does every other person who calls themselves an ‘environmentalist’ who can!”

“All the environmentalists of Hollywood and Washington do it. Their position on climate change is, ‘We must do more to stop pouring carbon into the air, except for me when I want to go somewhere, and then I take a private jet’”,

Maher said. “It turns out there is one thing in this world that is completely impossible to resist, and this is it. It’s like heroin. If you do it once, you’ll never stop”.

The progressive host criticized Joe Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry, who is a multimillionaire and also uses private jets, comparing it to a hypothetical scenario where the head of the Department of Homeland Security “smuggled drugs in his butt”.

“People take jets to environmental conferences. If you could run TED Talks on hypocrisy, you wouldn’t need coal,” he said. “But, sorry, not sorry. I tried to do my part to the environment. I never had kids, the one thing worse for the planet than private jets”.

“I’m done being full of s**t,” he added. “I can take being a bad environmentalist because almost all of us are, but I can’t take being a hypocrite”.


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