Age issue for US President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bid


There is debate and speculation centering US President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bid as his poorly executed video announcement was released last month. The reelection announcement featured photos of President Joe Biden, with his voiceover, which according to media insiders was like a “poor news report”. The overall effect was uninspiring and underwhelming. People said, it is surprising that a candidate with such as long political history would make such a mistake, others said, it is also possible that those who were behind making of the video was still pessimistic of ultimate probability of Biden really rerunning in 2024 as the US president is the oldest person to hold the position even now and if he finally wins 2024 election, he would be already 81 years old and would turn 85 by the end of the next tenure. The age issue of Biden has become a matter of concern for the Democrats as throughout his current presidency, Joe Biden has experienced numerous slips of tongue, gaffes, moments of forgetfulness and signs of malfunctioned brain.

Meanwhile, American voters think Biden’s age, health and mental conditions may not be the only factors determining his ability to lead the country until the end of his next tenure – once he wins. According to physicians, everyone’s cognitive abilities begin to decline as they grow older. Such decline can lead to forgetfulness, slower processing speed and difficulty with decision-making. With all of these realities, it would be disastrous for an elderly person like Joe Biden to carry out the job as demanding as the head of the state of the world’s only superpower.

According to media records, Joe Biden has been known to stumble on the names of his Cabinet members on several occasions. One instance occurred in March 2021, during a speech at the White House, when he appeared to forget the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and instead referred to him as “the guy who runs that outfit over there”. He later corrected himself and apologized for the slip-up. Another instance occurred in December 2020, when he struggled to remember the name of his nominee to lead the Health and Human Services Department, Xavier Becerra.

Joe Biden also has several instances where he has stumbled or lost balance in public, where he on multiple occasions was also seen trying to shake hands with unseen elements or mumbling or even trying to speak to ghosts.

One notable incident occurred in December 2020, when he slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog. Another instance occurred in March 2021, when he stumbled while climbing the stairs to Air Force One, but he recovered quickly and continued. A similar incident also took place during Biden’s trip to Poland on his way to Ukraine. During his Ireland tour, he even failed to remember ‘North Carolina’ while replying to questions.

Despite such factors, which actually is too risky for any president of the United States, Democratic Party is seemingly uninterested in replacing Biden with any alternative for 2024 although Hillary Clinton has on a number of occasions expressed her willingness to run in 2024. Meanwhile, the Washington Post in a report said, Democratic Party would support Biden’s 2024 reelection stating that there are “no plans” to sponsor primary debates. This undemocratic decision sparked an angry response from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently announced his bid to challenge Biden in the Democratic primary in an attempt to win the party’s 2024 nomination. “The (Democratic National Committee), at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate”, he told Fox News.

A large number of Democratic Party leaders are seeing this DNC decision as autocratic that signals America has already fallen into the grips of people who prefer a dictatorship under the garb of democracy.

Key elements within the Democratic Party that support Joe Biden are the progressive wing of the party, while America’s military industrial complex is unwilling to see Joe Biden’s departure from the White House on completion of his current tenure despite the fact that Biden administration could not only jeopardize the fate of the American people and the country’s relations with its allies, it can ultimately bring a devastating result thus paving path for other global powers, such as China become far-more stronger in the global arena thus bringing an end to current bipolar world order.


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