Rajkot: Water filled on the roads due to leakage in the water line


Water scarcity in future is a matter of concern for urban dwellers. Due to which the administration is repeatedly appealing to the people to use proper amount of water. On the other hand, the scene of wastage of water has come to the fore in Rajkot. Importantly, these visuals of water leakage are not that big and small potholes have been filled, but that leakages in pipelines have created flood situations in societies, while low-lying areas have been inundated. Water fountains were seen on Kotharia Road in Rajkot due to leakage in the water line. When the water pipeline broke in Harighwa Road, water was flooded all around. Thousands of liters of water flowed on the road when the water line broke. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the Municipal Corporation started the repair work.

Due to the bursting of the pipeline, a monsoon-like scene was created in the Kotharia area. Because water was flowing on the road, as if a river is flowing from both the banks, such a view has been created of the roads here. After thousands of liters of water was wasted like this for a long time, the local people informed about the incident and RMC immediately started the work of repairing the pipeline. It is not yet known how the incident took place but it is now being probed whether anyone damaged public property.


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