Defying government order, illegal news channel ‘Desh News’ runs on YouTube


Defying government order, an illegal news channel named “Desh News” is continuing its operation via YouTube as well as other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On April 3, 2023, Information & Broadcast Ministry’s TV Section-2 issued a notice vide reference number 15.00.0000. (Party-1)/183, which is signed by Dr. Venessa Rodrix, Deputy Secretary. Copy of this notice was sent to the Secretary, Telecommunication Department, Bangladesh Secretariat; Chairman, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC); Chief Information Officer, Information Directorate and others.

In the notice, Information & Broadcast Ministry’s TV Section-2 said:

It is hereby informed for the all concerned that as per clause 4.3 of the National Online Media Policy 2017 (Amended 2020), IPTVs cannot broadcast any news. It is observed that some of the registered and unregistered and unregistered IP TV is broadcasting news in violation of said policy. In this context, the IP TVs violating the National Online Media Policy 2017 (Revised 2020) are requested to refrain from broadcasting news activities. Otherwise appropriate legal action will be taken against the concerned IP TV.

According to the website of illegal news channel ‘Desh News’ owner of this entity is an individual named Mir Aktaruzzaman Tarik faces allegation of blackmailing, extortion and other types of criminal activities.

On its illegally run news channel on YouTube, Desh News says:

“DeshnewsTV, From our starting day to till now, we are successfully ensuring to bring justice to injustice, give voice to the voiceless, and put light to every unfairness which causes degradation to our society. We never compromise with authentic news and never promote yellow journalism. Confused about so many haphazard news which are based on illogical facts? Our news are collected from reliable sources and international news are collected from the Reuters, APTN, SNTV. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now if you wanted to be on the right path”.

Twitter handle of this illegally run Desh New TV is not in use since August 2021. This illegal news channels Facebook Page is inactive. There is no contact details or even mobile phone number on the website of this illegal news channel.

Information Ministry, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and law enforcement authorities need to immediately take action against this illegally run news channel.


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