Rajkot: Road Safety Council meeting held to remove traffic jam on the main roads of the city


Rajkot City Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava evaluated the work done by various departments in the meeting of Rajkot Road Safety Council, working for the purpose of accident prevention and traffic control under the Gujarat Road Safety Authority. Apart from this, to reduce the number of serious accidents by installing necessary sign boards, he stressed on public awareness in the context of traffic rules, along with lighting on the intersections and roads under road engineering. Along with this, the officials of the concerned department were instructed to take intensive action in this matter.

Lorries affecting traffic will be removed

In this meeting National Highways, R&B were informed about indicators like Black Spot Thermoplastic Road Marking, Zebra Marking, Diversion, Go Slow, Bump Forward, and Adequate Lighting. The works done by the department including Municipal Corporation were presented. Guidance by the Commissioner of Police on the issue of expansion of urban area of ​​Rajkot including more traffic signal surveys, campaign against traffic enforcers, redesigning circles on roads, removal of abandoned vehicles, enhancing traffic awareness program was given.

Most of the accidents occurred in Kuwadwa zone and Azidem zone.

It is notable that according to the data survey presented in relation to serious accidents, the number of accidents is maximum in Kuwadwa zone and Ajibandh zone. The number of accidents is highest between 3 to 5 in the afternoon, 6 to 8 in the evening and late at night. Following which traffic regulation and increasing public awareness were also discussed on this occasion.

Executive Chief Enforcement Officer of Road Safety Committee J.V. According to the new rule in hit-and-run cases, Shah increased the Celestium Fund by Rs. 50,000 in case of a serious accident and Rs. Said to get 2 lakh compensation. Apart from this, JV Shah told that the Good Samaritan Award is also given to those who take the injured to the hospital.

Officials of RTO, RMC, NHAI, PGVCL were present in the meeting

DCP Traffic Pooja Yadav said in this meeting that a special campaign is being conducted by the joint enforcement team to remove the vehicles and lorry holders obstructing the traffic around the bridge construction. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sudhir Desai, ACP Traffic JB Gadhvi, RTO, Municipal Corporation, Highway Authority, PGVCL, L&T, NHIA R&B officials from various departments were present in the meeting.


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