Western hands behind terrorist and extremist outfits


Twelve years ago, when ‘Arab Spring’ showed-up in the Arab world Western nations were directly and indirectly extending support and encouragement to those Arab Communists who attempted to establish Arab Communism within the Arab world thus finally beginning Stalinist repressions and massacre on the people. Initially, Western nations, especially their intelligence agencies began conspiracy with Muslim Brotherhood leadership to wage mass-revolt, civil unrest and even bloody massacre with the aim of toppling-down rulers in the Arab countries and replace them with Western marionettes  and mercenaries who would readily serve purpose of their Western masters and handover wealth of the Arab nations to those looters. Western nations had earlier funded and patronized Arab Communists named Baathists and succeeded in establishing their regimes in Iraq and Syria. When those Western marionettes in Iraq and Syria refused to act upon whims and wishes, immediately there was a conspiracy to overthrow them.

Let’s not forget an important point here. Whenever the mission of the Westerners is accomplished or flopped, they never keep their prime mercenary alive. This has happened with Saddam Hussain, Muammar Al Gaddafi, Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri and Mohamed Morsi. All of them once had served the purpose of their Western masters and finally all of them have been murdered or hanged. Most importantly, all of the Western marionettes were either religious extremists, jihadists or Communists. In Iraq and Syria – it was Arab Communists named Baathists. And following the demise of Baathists in Iraq and Syria, these vicious elements have resurfaced in Sudan and Mauritania. Ironically, the “ascension” of Communism ended in its Soviet and Eastern European cradle. But the Arab Communists claim that its roots are still kindling.

According to experts, a number of Arab leftist ideologies have also infiltrated through the window. The “Arab Spring” allowed the Communists to ride the horse of the Arab revolutions in order to restore the “sideburns” of classification, and to underestimate others’ right even to exist. How horrible is this paradox? The far right and the far left are allied to devour the cake and slaughter the people.

They abandon the development and integrity of the state to devote themselves to a bloody liquidation because of their well-known historical differences. Consequently, people have to pay a heavy price in the form of violence and dirty competition for power and wealth.

Astonishingly, both the left and the right do not have national authority for their reference. Rather, their reference is foreign.

British journalist Mark Curtis revealed in his book on the Muslim Brotherhood titled “Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion With Radical Islam”, how the British intelligence created the Muslim Brotherhood, chose Hassan Al-Banna to lead it in Egypt, and funded it to launch its campaign to destroy Egypt and the Arab and Islamic peoples. This sinister group is the offspring of British spies in the Middle East.

However, it succeeded in “clouding” the social awareness of this fatal fact. Its way to do so was to trade in religion and “religionize” politics. Even though the people refused to yield to the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in Egypt, Sudan, and Tunisia, the embers of the Brotherhood are still alive under the ashes and move from one conspiracy to another, waiting for an opportunity to return to destroy people and countries, seize their wealth, and change their behavior through the money of countries that are still financing them.

Similarly, Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) are products of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which was aimed at destroying Islam and causing severe damage to Muslims.

The disorder caused by the “Arab Spring” was not through the Brotherhood and the Arab Communists alone, but was also through all the fragmentations of the right and left such as Sahvi, Sururi, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Takfiri with the aim of occupying power and stealing people’s wealth. Americans, Britons and Europeans were waiting for the opportunity of robbing-off the Arab countries with the help of their mercenaries – once the blueprint of so-called Arab Spring would succeed.

Before concluding, I would like to bring here the case of Afghanistan. While Americans claim they have lost billions of dollars in that country during the years of Washington’s direct or indirect invasion – reality is just the opposite. Before Soviet forces left Afghanistan in 1989, the American CIA had already established a massive narco-network by joining hands with Afghan drug lords. Onwards, for more than three decades, CIA was running transnational narco-trade by linking Afghan, Colombian, Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian and Venezuelan drug cartels and rackets. Through this trade, Americans were making at least US$100-150 billion (The Global Financial Integrity’s Transnational Crime and the Developing World report estimates the size of the global illicit drug market between US$426 and US$652 billion in 2014 alone. With a world GDP of US$78 trillion in the same year, the illegal drug trade may be estimated as nearly 1 percent of total global trade). Meaning, illegal drug trade in Afghanistan was the main source of income for the American CIA for these decades. Let us just calculate with at least US$100-150 billion income from illegal drugs every year, how much profit Americans have made during the past thirty years. In this case, have they even spent a fraction of what they have earned from Afghanistan just in one year?

Westerners never lose money anywhere in the world. They did not lose in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. They will not lose in Ukraine. Not a single farthing.


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