Rajkot: The morale of criminals is high, 2 murders in 4 hours and four murders in a week


The law and order situation in Rajkot is deteriorating day by day and the criminal elements are becoming more and more fearless. Once again a bloody game has been played in the city. In which two murders have been carried out within just 4 hours. A 36-year-old youth was stabbed to death in Ganjiwada area on Monday evening. While in another incident, a middle-aged man was beaten to death by a miscreant within 4 hours near Lottery Bazaar near Jubilee.

Stabbed to death over illegal relationship in Ganjiwada

A 36-year-old youth named Salim Odia was stabbed to death by more than 6 people in Ganjiwada area. Looking at the details of the incident, the deceased had an illegal relationship with the mother of the accused 5 years ago. Accused Avesh’s mother had eloped with the deceased Salim. However, within a few days, she left Salim and got married again. However, the brother of the deceased alleged that the accused Avesh often demanded money and threatened to kill him. The police arrested the four accused Abid, Avesh, Anees and Arbaaz late in the night. Thus the bloody affair of years ago has come to an end.

A middle-aged man was brutally murdered for taking money in the lottery market.

Within 4 hours of the murder in Ganjiwada area, another murder incident was carried out in Rajkot. In which a 50-year-old middle-aged man named Sajid Antaria was attacked and killed by 4 people near the Bhari Raah Lottery Bazar on the matter of taking money. In this incident, the nephew of the deceased was also injured while defending the beach.

Sajid Bhai, a resident of Bajrangwadi and a garlic trader in the Lottery market, was near Gumansinghji Shopping Center around 7 pm, when people named Shabbir, Taufiq, Rafiq and Arif got into a fight over money and were stabbed to death. The A Division police have registered a case of murder against all four and raids are on to arrest them.

four murders in a week

There have been 4 murders in Rajkot within a week. In which a 63-year-old man was strangled to death. In another incident, a young man was killed for something as minor as overtaking a car. In the third incident, a youth was murdered in Ganjiwada area over illegal relations. In the fourth incident, a middle-aged man was murdered due to a transaction of Rs.


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