Air India invests $200 million to modernize digital systems


New Delhi, 24 April (Hindustan). Tata-led airline Air India has made an initial investment of $200 million to modernize its digital systems. ChatGPT powered chatbot and many other initiatives will be implemented as part of modernization of Air India.

Air India has made an initial investment of $200 million in system modernization, the company said in a statement released on Monday. Along with this, the airline has also started a conversion program called ‘’. Air India informed that significant progress has been made in its efforts to modernize its digital systems. At the same time, many initiatives have already been completed, while work on many is going on.

Air India said that this pace of investment will continue during the next 5 years. Under this, from traditional digital techniques to modern artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technology will be implemented. Along with this, the company is also considering adopting emerging trends such as the application of quantum computing. Apart from this, Air India is working on modernization of airline website and mobile app, user-friendly customer information system, ChatGPT powered chatbot and modern in-flight entertainment system for better customer engagement.


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