Qatar Airways celebrates Eid Al-Fitr with its passengers


Qatar Airways celebrates Eid Al-Fitr in a special festive manner on its flights and in the airport lounges. It includes all passengers during the Eid holiday and is inspired by the customs and traditions of the holy month.
During the Eid holidays, the best airline in the world offers all passengers a wonderful experience that enhances the enjoyment of their journey. First and business class passengers can choose their meals from exclusive menus that include some of the finest dishes and delicious flavors that can be savored during the Eid Al Fitr holiday.
Travelers can choose a set of dishes from the appetizer menu, topped by shrimp and beef with Qatari spices, both dishes prepared by the famous local chef, Aisha Al Tamimi. As for the main meal, it offers a selection of dishes prepared by Tamimi, which include charcoal grills seasoned with local spices, and chicken soup served with fresh and organic vegetables.
For dessert, Qatar Airways passengers are invited to enjoy a selection of delicious Middle Eastern desserts that include a layer of cheese kunafa topped with grated pistachios and soft date pudding.
Cabin passengers will also experience the Eid Al-Fitr celebration throughout their flight on board Qatar Airways, as they are invited to dine from a customized menu that includes local dishes and food. Given that dates are of great importance in Eid Al-Fitr cuisine, travelers from Qatar will get a menu that includes dates and couscous salad served with labneh, and traditional kofta with bukhari rice for the main course. Once the travelers are ready for dessert, they can enjoy the cheese kunafa.
To enhance the Eid festivities and share gifts on the plane, Qatar Airways is giving all passengers a box full of the special Qanwan Baklava.
Qatar Airways’ Eid Al-Fitr holiday celebrations extend to passengers traveling through Hamad International Airport and Bangkok, Beirut, London, Paris and Singapore, where airport lounges will be ready to welcome passengers and provide them with an unforgettable experience.


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