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Una, 23 April (Hindustan Times). The two-day Shivbari fair to be held at the ancient Drona Mahadev Shiva temple in Shivbari ended peacefully on Sunday. In this fair, famous for the purchase of pottery, people made huge purchases of utensils made of clay. Undoubtedly, joining the race of modernity, the era of pottery became a thing of the past and the potter’s wheel also remained unclaimed, but the Shivbari fair is also known for the purchase of pottery. On Sunday, on the second day of the fair, many artisans, who prepared earthen utensils and took them to the people, reached the fair area with their utensils and people also showed interest in buying them.

Undoubtedly, the new generation of the new age is unaware of the truth that once earthen pots used to work as refrigerators in the summer season. Earthen pots used to be the pride of every household, but with changing times, it has become a thing of the past. Although in Ayurveda still only pot water is considered beneficial for health, but the chilled water from the fridge made people so crazy that its benefits were left behind.

This was also one of the reasons that the potters who prepared earthen utensils backed away due to not seeing the earning in this work. However, those who have adapted themselves with modernity are still earning handsomely from pottery business.

Ashok Kumar, who brought earthen utensils from Phagwara, said that now no one asks for traditional pottery, but now he is preparing earthen pots, earthen water bottles, jugs and such utensils which are being liked by the people.

He believed that if the government gives preference to pottery in the hotels of Tourism Corporation, then people will also like it and this traditional profession can be saved along with the rural economy. On the other hand, Temple Co-Commissioner SDM Saumil Gautam said that efforts will be made through this fair to save rural cottage industries and such artisans will be encouraged to bring the products of rural cottage industries to the fair in future.

On the second day of the Shivbari fair, the fair area was buzzing with the influx of people. On the second day of the fair, people continued to visit the holy Shivling to seek the blessings of Lord Bholnath and enjoy the swings along with shopping from the shops in the fair.

SDM Saumil Gautam told that this was the first attempt made by the temple administration. In future, this fair will be conducted in a better way. He also thanked the employees and police personnel of the Revenue Department for their best contribution in the fair.


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