Obama-Biden linked to Hunter Biden’s Ukraine deals


While a number of family members of Joe Biden, including Hunter Biden and Jim Biden along with stepson of John Kerry were directly involved with Ukrainian gas company Burisma and few more ventures wherefrom families of Biden and Kerry made tons of cash, now Joe Biden’s former stenographer said, Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, and top White House aide Jake Sullivan were all “right in the thick” of Hunter Biden’s setup with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings as well as another energy “scam” which Burisma benefited from. Meaning, all of these individuals, including Barack Obama were making tons of cash from Ukraine through dubious deals, while it is not yet clear how much percentage Barack Obama and Joe Biden were receiving from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s rampant extortions through granting special favors to numerous foreign entities.

On April 19, 2023, Mike McCormick wrote in an op-ed on substack.com “It wasn’t just Joe’s shale gas assistance Hunter and Burisma got their hooks into”. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under Obama “ponied up American taxpayer dollars for an energy conservation scam, the Municipal Energy Reform Program (MERP,) and Burisma got a big chunk of that too — meaning Joe and Hunter got their kickback share”.

McCormick wrote “Because Jake Sullivan said so — only he didn’t think he’d be identified as the speaker outing the scam. But now he is. By me – because I was standing next to him”.

McCormick provided a link to what he referred to as a “crime-ridden April 21st, 2014, Air Force Two background briefing given by Sullivan”.

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Three days before that briefing, on April 18, 2014, Hunter Biden had signed on as a highly paid board member of Burisma Holdings “with Joe’s knowledge and guidance”, McCormick noted.

McCormick continued: “That means Joe Biden knowingly diverted substantial US assistance to a company which was at the time paying his son to sit on its board — which is why I say without hesitation: Joe Biden is a criminal. And Jake Sullivan is too. His crime is conveying that information to the press, which makes him a co-conspirator for covering for Joe’s knowledge of Hunter’s business with Burisma then and ever since.

“And Barack Obama is too”.

Burisma received an energy efficiency grant or grants through USAID’s Municipal Energy Reform Program, “which has received little notice — until now”, McCormick added. “Sullivan’s statement about assistance for energy efficiency in a country riven by war is almost ludicrous, but that’s how the big boss wanted it”.

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McCormick included a document which he said “illustrates the USAID MERP bonanza originated with Obama. Note the date is April 21st, 2014 — one day before Joe met with Ukrainian leadership. As Sullivan pointed out in the background briefing transcript, Joe saw Ukrainian leaders the next day, the 22nd. So this policy announced by Barack Obama’s White House Office of the Press Secretary was set BEFORE Joe arrived in Ukraine in the late afternoon on April 21st, 2014. And since it was Obama’s comms team who put out this fact sheet, its contents are his responsibility”.

In other words, McCormick added, “this is evidence that Barack Obama knew of the Biden Burisma kickback scheme, assisted it by ordering his USAID agency to benefit it, and has covered it up since”.

Some of the evidence in the scheme was likely lost when the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv destroyed all records and documents “when Joe Biden ordered them to evacuate ahead of Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine in January 2022,” McCormick wrote.

But there is evidence in Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” which has been preserved and posted online by the Marco Polo group.

McCormick said the following email from the laptop “puts Burisma directly benefiting from the MERP scam under the direction of Obama’s ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt”.

McCormick noted: “Once again with Obama we see a public posturing for justice and anti-corruption undercut by his and Joe’s secret criminal activity.

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“This communication, which is a three-way between Hunter, Devon, and Pozharskyi, occurred in November 2015, one week before Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine and threatened withholding US$1 billion in US aid to have the Ukrainian general prosecutor investigating Burisma fired.

“As we now know, that worked well in Burisma’s and Joe’s favor. Trump not so much.

“Yet. …

“It’s clear to me from the email, that USAID-Burisma opportunity came through Pyatt. He was the quiet conduit doing his boss’s bidding.

“And who was his boss?

“Barack Obama”.


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